Monday, April 28, 2014

Letters in the MTC

While Elder Wheeler is in the MTC, you can write him send him a letter through  The service is free and it gets to him same day.  They are delivered to the MTC at 12:30 every day with a cut off of Noon. Go to the website, click write a letter, type a message, they print it and they deliver it.  Cool huh!  This only works through May 05, as he will be leaving early May 06.  The only info you need is, he is in Unit 115 at the Provo MTC his mission code is WV-CHAR and estimated departure date is May 06.


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Photos from the MTC

Elder Wheeler sent some photos of his first few days in the MTC today.
Inline image 1
our poor attempt at a kick-line...with "elder Canada"  (Elder Bullock) he is the only one from our district who lives outside of the U.S. and is the only one not going to West Virginia..he is heading down under to Australia...oh by the way we our flight to West Virginia departs at 8:30am from SLC with a Layover in Atlanta Gorgia then onto expect a phone call from me home on the morning (May 6) very early! Need to go switch my laundry...

Inline image 1
contrary to the photo we actually get along really well Elder Carter is great he is from Herriman we are both going to W.V.

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Going Forth...the orange dot on our name tage is known as a Dork dot as the sisters call it, with it everyone welcomes us to the mtc and points us where we need it to go we both were able to remove the dot by the next morning. 

Inline image 1
My Companion Elder Carter and I on our first day after dinner back in our residence 
Inline image 1
Spring has really sprung here at the MTC...I really do love it here! I haven't felt homesick at all and I think that I really have Katelyn to thank for, I really started to detach myself over the last three months and thus when I got here I really wanted to be here and instantly went full on "Elder Eager" mode! Heaven help my companion but actually we are doing great the others in our district have struggled a bit with homesickness, I know that if it was me that went in to the MTC first of the two of us (Katelyn and I), I would have been the one crying every night and day, so thank you Sister Blood for going first I love you even in your absence you made me a stronger man:) This Campus is truly holy ground I feel as if I am walking around the Temple grounds here. This land and these buildings have been set apart as we have as missionaries and stands as a spiritual fortress for the preparation of the lords army! This is surely no vacation it is a lot of hard and exhausting work at times, but there is a new kind of spirit here that I love it is incredible! 

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This is where we spend most of our day in a class room on the 4th floor, which is great because we have a great view out of our window of the BYU campus and the Mountain. The MTC is a very modern facility alot more computers and verious inovative means of training that I was not our district has our own class room that the teachers come to us, which is nice so we can leave all of our stuff here during the day and we also have our own Computer lab. we have 4 elders (including myself) and 3 sisters in our district (All of us are going to W.V. except Elder Bullock - Far Right) We have one other district as part of our "Zone" that is going to New York New York.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Reporting to the MTC

Elder Wheeler reported to the MTC on Wednesday, April 23rd. 

We received his first communication the next day!

Dear Family and Friends 

Well first off the MTC is so cool! I absolutely love it here and like a light switch here all worries about the world outside vanished...I love you all so much and I am seriously falling in love with this place and this work. I am learning so much! The experience here is very engaging, I don't think I have taken more notes for me in my life...and I feel so close to the ones I love, it gives me happy chills to think that Katelyn was here too!   

I will have p-day on Saturday morning for an additional email and send out a letter or two...But my focus here is the work so my letters will be short I imagine.

Love you
Elder Wheeler
P.S. I take am assigned to assume the responsibility of Zone Leader this Sunday.