Monday, August 25, 2014

August 25, 2014

School is in session

Hello all
Like the title says School is in session and the miracles continue, while not as many people are out and about like they were in the summer the progress of a couple of our investigators, Namely Vicky is becoming increasingly more exciting (its great when we meet someone who wants to come to church and consistently follows through, not to mention is going a week strong in quitting smoking! Love you Vicky you are the best! ).

 I have no doubt that people in Parkersburg are being prepared to receive the gospel.

I have seen the pains of the Great Apostasy this week as, when we met the family of the investigator I mentioned to you last week (Heather), who had experienced a true change of heart, and prayed and received her answer that the church is true and wants to be baptized.
However when we met with her mother and her sisters, we were met with hard hearts and cold shoulders not to mention a stack of anti material...the thing that strengthened my testimony of the truth of the restored gospel was when this Investigator, named Heather, (who is 17) stood up, amid our attempt to share the message of the restoration. She Bore her new yet strong testimony of the power of prayer, and of the answer she received that Joseph smith was indeed a prophet and the church is true.
Never the less the painful reality of a mother fearful for her 17 year old falling victim to a cult, had unfortunately caused Heather to have to wait till she is 18 to be baptized.
She told us "I will never forget that feeling" and "I know that this church is true"...when I am 18 I will be baptized, in the mean time she continues to encourage her mother and sisters to pray (she is the only one in her family that attends church, her mother refuses to pray, because she feels bad for only calling on god when she is in need...), Frustrating and discouraging maybe, but never the less, I trust the lord and he has blessed Heather with a strong undeniable answer that I pray will carry her over the next 9 months till she turns 18 and I hope in that time that her family will be prepared to accept witness of the restoration.

Heavenly Father is also merciful, in the sight of this apparent temporary retreat in our effort for Heather, the lord lead us to a park at the top of Qunicy Hill overlooking the city here in Parkersburg...
Here we met Taylor, whom just delivered her first born a week or so ago, (brand new baby was so cute!) She was actually hoping that we would come over and talk to her, she mentioned that she was thinking of getting her baby baptized and had just moved to Parkersburg and was looking for the right church.

You can imagine our gleeful excitement when we heard this ideal situation for an invitation to learn...and we sat down with her in at a table in the park and for the next hour, had her full attention and the spirit present as she excitedly listened and smiled with joy, when we covered every point of the the end she had committed to Baptism on September 20th and began reading The Book of Mormon that night. She had just arrived in Parkersburg and is moving to Mineral wells (on the south-side of Parkersburg) and out of our area, she is excited and happy to come to church. The south-side elders (Elder Chinn and Elder Pinie) made contact with her the next day. There truly are elect and prepared people everywhere (John 10:27 "my sheep hear my voice")

Another Great Week in Zion
Love Elder Wheeler

Elder Myers and I at the Overlook at the Top of Quincy Hill

 The view from the Top of Quincy hill...Google Earth "Quincy Park"
 p.s. I am so happy elder Myers equally enjoys taking goofy photos with you mom and dad...climbing the stairs to the top of quincy hill

Monday, August 18, 2014

August 18, 2014

Hello Everyone Wow what a week, the summer here in W.V. finished with a bang! Homecoming is a huge deal here, parades, fireworks, and food so much food! Thank goodness for bikes, plus a Half Marathon in town too! Plus I got to go speak at a Branch off in the hollars down in Spencer about an hour and Half outside of Parkersburg, with Elder Hawes, below is a photograph of Elder Hawes and I with the two councilors in the Branch Presidency...Happy, Happy, Happy...haha. I loved it down in Spencer, I really hope for an opportunity to serve in a branch, so much faith in a congregation of only 28.

 Check it out Dad...I got to try my hand at the banjo...Probably one of the greatest member referral contact ever, we were actually buying a dryer from them (yay! I don't have to put my socks on the fan to dry them anymore) They are the Haroldsen's Friends and the Haroldsen's came with us...Great introduction to the church and missionary work, plus the told us all about their family etc. and excited to go back.
 What happen's when missionaries hit their hump day...this is Elder Chinn...on his Hump day...its a depressing day for a missionary when you realize you are "half-way dead" he put on a smile (the shirt) and boondogled like a true W.V.
 Early Morning at the start line of the Half Marathon...this race is actually huge, people came in from all over the country and the world for this race, we met people from Holland, and of course Kenya...P.S. Mom, later on, we need to come back and run this race together:) next year Parkersburg will host the National Championship race rather than just the state.  The race kicked off homecoming
 finish line...the 1st place winner ran the race in 57 min! (he was from Kenya) The first West Virginian finished in the top 20 at 1h 8min
 This one is for my little bros...I found a hidden gem in Parkersburg a huge warehouse just full of Model railroads...and all the old retired guys to accompany them, all of which used to work on real trains.
 ​Yep it was pretty awesome and I was a missionary in heaven...made for a great ITL

Friday, August 15, 2014

August 11, 2014

Dear All

Another Week in Zion of Parkersburg, Elder Myers and I continue to go strong  week two on the Zion Standard of Excellence! and Miracles after miracles, from a random number calling us and having no clue who we were and setting up a member present lesson and accepting a baptism date that day! To giving a priesthood blessing to a ward member diagnosed with cancer and 3 days later having her cancer spots miraculously gone!

The Book is Blue and the Church is True this Work is going forth and I am pumped to be a small part of it in my heavenly father's plans for this area!

Love you all
Elder Wheeler
We are are staring straight into the sun! at the Parkersburg High School Ice Cream Social
Picking up Supply orders at Zone Meeting...p.s. This is Elder Pinie ("pine-y" like a pine tree) Doesn't he look like a 19 year old version of Noah (my cousin)!
 Don't we just look down right dapper in bike gear, ankle straps and all...This was on an exchange with Elder Ostler.

Monday, August 11, 2014

August 4, 2014

Good Morning all off in the far place through the holler, over the hills, over the rivers, across the plains and up the mountains! I have a Report from the wild and wonderful West Virginia.
The New Transfer began  on Wednesday and Elder Myers and I have set out in this Grand Zion of Parkersburg and Achieved the Standard of Excellence for the First time in my Mission and Elder Myers Mission! No doubt in a huge part in becoming a walking and biking area (which the H's gave us bikes to use!) The Ward has stepped up their game too, 70% of our Lesson's this week were with Members joining us in teaching! The harvest has begun in Parkersburg! 

Across the Entire Mission we have 111 baptism dates set! Through the Standard of Becoming put forth by President Salisbury.

Elder Myers and I in the Study of our investigators home Sandy and Randy
in the Historic District.
​Not having a car has it's perks especially when your investigators give you a ride to a members home in their BMW!
​ Our Fridge is Empty but our Bellies were full, This was a delicious Seafood dinner our Investigators Brandon and Becky made for us and the member that came with us.

With Excitement & Joy
Love you all

P.S. Please keep our area Parkersburg North in your Prayers to be able to now maintain the Standard of Excellence...Now more than ever is when we must step our work and our battle for this city.

July 28, 2014

Whaooo...I am staying in Parkersburg! :)

Well what a week Everyone, It is Transfer Week and Guess what, I am getting another companion, and this one I am determined to keep at least two Transfers! At least this time my companion is and I are leaving successful and Happy...I am really going to miss Elder Williams, he has taught me so much and between Elder McFarland and Elder Williams I have not only become a better missionary, but I also feel stronger and happier in General and There are so many things that I know I have learned from both of my Trainers that I will carry through my mission and into my life afterwards too. Love you Both Elders!

   Elder Williams and I had a great final week of our companionship, as Summer here is drawing to a close, since most of the schools here resume in the coming week or two (due to all the snow-days from the harsh winter). Funny it seems like summer just started and here it is coming to a close so soon. Elder Williams and I have had incredible experiences over the last Transfer and have seen this area come alive with Member Missionary work...with 8 Member Present Lessons this week and referrals coming in so fast we are having trouble keeping track of them let alone, contacting all of them...but our members are on top of us and making sure we are contacting them! 
   We are seeing so much incredible progression and commitments from our investigators  and the coming months are looking very promising, 

Okay so there is more news that I am so excited about...

Parkersburg North as of Tomorrow will be A WALKING AREA! Why am I so excited you ask! Becasuse, when we walk we get to meet so many more people & I get to put all those years of UTA Ridership to use...on the Transit system here in Parkersburg! Plus I get to keep in shape walking and walking and walking...I am stoked!

Today the H's Treated us to a picnic of Chinese food at the Point park outside the Flood Wall on the river, I love this family so much and I am so grateful and Blessed with the opportunity to keep working with them here in Parkersburg for another Transfer with my new Companion Elder Myers.

Love you All 
Elder Wheeler

July 21, 2014

Hello All!

Well what a wonderful week it has been, I have been feeling like our area was just a time bomb waiting to explode (in a good way) with so many investigators so close to progression and...this week it happened at last with a lot of diligent work and much prayer it's Happening, we have two investigators committed to baptism...and we are beginning to teach the family's  of investigators(wives and children that were previously not participating), members are joining in on Half of our lessons at this point...It has been wonderful and Exciting!

Oh also what happens's 9:00 at City Park and you see someone that the spirit says go and talk to...but need to get home for curfew...we'll send a member of course! Sister H and her Children just happened to be at the park...right before we were about to leave and her son (11) comes running up to us before we leave...I asked her if she would go and talk to this woman, and invite her to learn...long story short...this woman within 5 days...Comes to A ward Picnic, Attends all three hours of Church, Comes for a Restoration lesson in a Members home and Commits to baptism (August 2nd!)...Tender Mercy of the lord and inspired both Elder Williams and I with a new energy to keep up and work harder for our other investigators, 8 lessons later and everyone has seen progress and commitments kept! 

More to come...I have been on an Exchange with Elder Ostler the past two days and are currently in Ravenswood for a district you all!