Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Reporting to the MTC

Elder Wheeler reported to the MTC on Wednesday, April 23rd. 

We received his first communication the next day!

Dear Family and Friends 

Well first off the MTC is so cool! I absolutely love it here and like a light switch here all worries about the world outside vanished...I love you all so much and I am seriously falling in love with this place and this work. I am learning so much! The experience here is very engaging, I don't think I have taken more notes for me in my life...and I feel so close to the ones I love, it gives me happy chills to think that Katelyn was here too!   

I will have p-day on Saturday morning for an additional email and send out a letter or two...But my focus here is the work so my letters will be short I imagine.

Love you
Elder Wheeler
P.S. I take am assigned to assume the responsibility of Zone Leader this Sunday.

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