Tuesday, April 26, 2016

April 26, 2016

I will give a full report of the last two weeks when I get home, but we are out of time to email, see you all very soon The last two weeks were incredible! Here is a glimpse

Formal Passover dinner...it's grape juice
B-N-B Passover
Final district meeting at the C's

​Lets go

Love yins
Elder Wheeler

Monday, April 18, 2016

April 18, 2016

So this is the bonus week of my mission, Originally I was set to come home this week, but my goodness I wouldn't trade it for the world, It would be so crazy to think that originally I would have left on Thursday and Been home on Friday. There is so much to do this week and we have a busy booked week ahead with fantastic plans everyday this week. So lets do it!

​It was awesome to see the LDSSA materialize at Virginia Western and get a good welcome and reception from the school. We held our first on campus meeting this past week, the school ran an add for us across campus for us the week prior...the missionaries and students will be able to use the LDSSA to do things like share quotes, have institute classes on campus and missionary booths at campus events and host campus activities like a comedy night, etc etc.

sorry we are being called away to give a blessing to a YSA in intensive care...I may finish this email tomorrow...depends on a few things if not catch everyone on Tuesday next week (P-day will be on Tuesday) and see you all next week

Love yins
Elder Wheeler

Monday, April 11, 2016

April 11, 2016

I am the biggest bundle of excitement and nervousness....right now it's like combination Wahooo & Ahhhhhhhh

I think this photo accurately depicts how I feel right now....it's awesome, haha

​So I have two weeks of events to catch you up on.

​We broke the bikes out of the closet and got them road worthy again. I have loved biking again...like in Parkersburg...but this time we still have the car as well so It has really helped us reduce the miles we use...plus get a good work-out.
L.M. was baptized on Saturday April 2nd...it was a great service, highly attended by her family she was the one missing link in her family, now all of her siblings are members of the church.
Elder Little & I

​Elder Little, Elder Wheeler, L.M., K. (L.'s friend), C.M. (L's Dad)
L.M. has a sweet spirit about her and was ready and beyond prepared to make this covenant, surrounded by family support.
Cleaning the Font the night before the baptism...very happy chore for any missionary
The Vinton Elders...since the YSA building doesn't have a font we went over to my former ward in Vinton to do it. Elder Little, Elder Webber, Elder Caldwell

​We were having some trouble getting the font to drain so we got to get down under the font to open the drain.

Apr 11 (7 days ago)

​What companions are for:) After the baptism and a long day of General conference.

​The H's even put together a floral arrangement for L.M.

Roanoke College turning green...we arranged to watch the Sunday Sessions of General Conference at Roanoke College in one of the Commons area's with K.T.   in a hopes that others may join us. this was us waiting for the C. family to pick us all up for lunch between sessions.

​Elder Little and I last P-day on a doughnut run...sometimes I feel like Elder Little would make a really great cartoon...he is hilarious.

​Out to dinner with L.K. and her Boyfriend D.S.

​N.S. again...so this is the biggest miracle story of the past two weeks...So N.S. holds weekly a bible study called "Beer and Bible" missionaries have been attending for a year now...it is really awesome actually, it is diverse too and very open ended for questions and input...it has been incredible to here people say things like "wouldn't it make sense if the Fall was part of the plan from the beginning" "why are there so many differences between denominations of Christianity"...inspired questions so we perk up from time to time and give our answer to their questions and from this in the last couple weeks. Two people have asked to meet with us outside of Beer and Bible...The first being W.M. a really cool family man, a father married with one daughter and another on the way, who is meeting us at the Family History Center to delve in to his Genealogy...we will have to refer him to the Salem Ward Elders shortly but still a cool guy who is the picture of the ideal young family.
Another is a woman named A.C. who would be a YSA also agreed to meet with us, we later bumped into her at Walmart and set a specific appointment, then the night before the appointment we called to confirm it and she did...then as soon as I got off the phone with A.C. the spirit said as clear as a bell "Invite R.D."...which was odd because we knew R.D. from the ward, but have never really worked with her before...So I called her and she said "I think I know her"...So sent A.C. a text to ask if she knew R.D....and Allison was very excited and said yes...turns out not only is R.D. friends with A.C. in High School but also R.D's sister Ra...who had recently just moved back to Roanoke. It was perfect, both of the R.D. sisters came and we taught with them a spectacular Plan of Salvation lesson over dinner... I have never taught someone with so little hesitation to learn or ask a good question or so little hesitation in accepting the invitation to come to church or read the book of Mormon...We are teaching her again tomorrow...we were also able to drop by for a short visit yesterday...and it is so true...having member friends solidifies teaching infinitely, I am very excited to be able to be even a part of A.C.'s story.

​Planting trees with the city...in a freak snow storm.

​that is all for this week...much more exciting stuff is happening here as well and we are working our way right up to the final moment! In other news The LDSSA at Virginia Western was accepted and confirmed by the stake. We invited to the spring fling this coming week and we are looking to move the institute class to campus for the fall semester. The establishment of the LDSSA at Virginia western was a big milestone for that campus and will assist missionaries and members for what I hope will be decades to come.

Love yins
Elder C. Arthur Wheeler