Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Week 8

Dear Family and Friends,
-- My very first day in the field, on my very first street I walked. We had two teenage boys drive up to us and pull over in a Ford Bronco, They had just returned from a fishing trip and asked us if we "wanted to talk about the Bible" , Now being the fresh off the boat missionary I was then I was excited to talk to them, you can imagine my surprise when my companion (elder McFarland) quickly talked to them about fishing then ended the conversation and kept on walking..."oh those guys just wanted to bash with us" he said...I remember offering a prayer in my heart to see those boys again and be able to talk to them more.
-Six Weeks Later-
Elder Williams and I were walking down the street with a member heading to a school function for his son...when two boys came riding down the street on their bikes and one of them crashed right as he was about to pass us...you can imagine what happened next, we make sure he is okay and ask him to show us the trick he was attempting, then we began to talk with him about what we do...he is about ready to head off, but then asks us if we have multiple wives and after getting the misconception out of the way. He and his friend took a genuine interest and there on the quite neighborhood corner taught the restoration with the member and they accepted the Book of Mormon and invited us to come over the next day!
We met with them in their home with the young men's president and discuss what they read and answered their questions in which they bore testimony about an experience they had about their friend who passed away. Then BOOM! We ran out of time and I quote their words "Well will you come over again and tell us more!"

The YM Leader invited them to come boating later in the week (which they accepted) and as we began to talk about transportation to this event. They mentioned they drove a Bronco and the thought occurred to me back to day one of my mission...I looked up and saw parked on the street the same bronco which had stopped and asked to talk with us on day one.
I asked them if they remembered about stopping and they then recalled the same event, I told them about my prayer and the spirit surely witnessed the lords plan and timing.
Love Elder Wheeler

Arthur was able to get on line today.  We spoke briefly through emails.  He is doing well, his companion was transferred a little early because I think he was tired of Parkersburg, and is now somewhere in Virginia.  He has had very little time to respond to emails and letters but has loved receiving letters and pictures that he can browse through when time permits.  He says they are so busy that they barely have time to eat but the lord always provides something.  Usually with an investigator or at the park.
Below is a summary of his post card that he sent this week.
In his post card, he apologized for the shortness and prayed that we could feel his love. He is falling in love with the people of WV, and has found a beautiful light among the families and individuals. Miraculous miracles, no amount of ink could carry his gratitude and love for Heavenly father. And for Heavenly fathers plan which offers infinite joy to the families there with whom he is entrusted with. To sacrifice is to make sacred....he wants us to know that he loves us and that the lord is with him.

He also finally sent his favorite scripture Mosiah 24:15
15 And now it came to pass that the burdens which were laid upon Alma and his brethren were made light; yea, the Lord did strengthen them that they could bear up their burdens with ease, and they did submit cheerfully and with patience to all the will of the Lord.


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Week 7

Well what a week...Tuesday, my companion threw in the towel...so we abandoned our apartment for the week and I lived with the zone leaders (who have a Tri-Panionship already )Elder Klineman, Elder Golding and Elder Shaffer...which ended up being the greatest 4-day exchange ever! We had four of us in the "Nicest Apartment in the Mission"...It was great working with them, two cars and four elders we rocked both of our areas! Plus had some fantastic study that I will remember the rest of my mission...and somewhere along the way, I was talked into purchasing Elder Klineman's entire weight set...and they set me up in a real missionary work out routine! Which includes a mile of Stairs at the stadium...I have never felt more AWAKE in my mission! it took me three days to be able to fully bend my arms strait again.

Then Friday We went down to Charleston to Meet my New companion Elder Williams! HOT DOG! are we a smashing great fit! He is 27, from Gilbert Arizona, and served in the Marines for 7 years before his mission! I am loving how dedicated he and we are and the heightened spirit we have found the last three days...I love leaving our apartment on-time! at 11:00 and working till 9:00 wondering back to apartment for the first time that day exhausted and experiencing the power of specific prayerful planning! I have never prayed more in a single day and it works, it really works! So cool!
Dinner with the Haroldsen family moments after arriving back in Parkersburg with Elder Williams
I Truly have already come to love Elder Williams and we are both so excited for this companionship!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Week 6

Hello Everyone, 
So during the week we get the opportunity to utilize Mormon Channel twice a week, and here are a few of my links and notes. enjoy.
Now people often ask what my favorite kind of music is and I would say Trance, swing and score...and one of my all time favorite artists is Lindsay Sterling and I learned something new about her today...she is a Mormon!  
Over the last week and as I wrote a letter and reflected on turning points in my life that lead me away and then back again to where I am now on my mission...and the words of our wonderful Mission President..."at times we can get caught up in the perspective of eternity, but loose sight of how critical our decisions now here in mortality are in the perspective of eternity" 
Our choices now will not only effect our mortal life but will have rippling effects in eternity.

For Symphonie, Watson, Noah, Carson, and to all my wonderful cousins and friends..."they need you...they know not where to find it"

​ I want all of my family those whom I love to know that...I am not out here I alone, I have surely felt the presence of those beyond the vail one of which I know is my grandmother wheeler...I love her and I love you all, I am sure I have all the more energy and diligence because of your prayers.  Families are Forever and I am so blessed to have you all and be part of your families.

 It is truly incredible how Heavenly father continually gives me more power to Break through walls and become stronger the more I sacrifice and trust in him with a full heart-ed faithfulness

President Pitt gave this remark at our Zone Meeting
"To sacrifice something is to make it sacred"

When we sacrifice something or someone for a time it's not to say that we don't care about that thing or that person, but it actually says just the opposite, that we care about it/them so much that we desire to give it to the lord and make it sacred and I guarantee anything we give to the lord he will give it back improved and stronger. 

That truly struck me strait through this last week and so much so that broke through yet another wall and enabled me to grow that much stronger and have that much more energy and devotion to my missionary purpose...I don't know how  Heavenly Father will go about fulfilling his promises but I know without a doubt that he will and that Heavenly father truly loves me.

Love your Elder
 Rain Tracting...actually had a brief ITL encounter with a mail man who was hiding out from the rain with us...fyi It rains pretty much everyday at somepoint, at least over the last few weeks

​We are lucky enough to have the city park in our area, which is a big park that always has plenty of people to talk to.
 Two weeks ago was the relay for life at the city park and one of our investigators Mr. Swisher flagged us down talked and introduced us to a few people.
 Dogs love us ;)
 So really Cool, This is the Parkersburg Branch of the "Restoration Church of Christ" (which is the re-re-organized LDS church) who we have been meeting with which is interesting because they already believe in the Book of Mormon and their church is set up basically the exact same as the LDS church...so to be brief recently the "community of Christ" (the re-organized lds church - owners of the Kirtland temple), rejected the book of mormon and authorized gay marriage, women in the priesthood etc. and so the "restoration branches" broke off and turned back to the teachings of Joseph smith and we on the North side of parkersburg are meeting with one family and the other elders on South side are meeting with another...its way cool how much they know about the restoration and Joseph smith, we are planning a Fireside when President Pitt is going to come up and speak to their entire congregation! ​
 I want all of my family those whom I love to know that...I am not out here I alone, I have surely felt the presence of those beyond the vail one of which I know is my grandmother wheeler...I love her and I love you all, I am sure I have all the more energy and diligence because of your prayers.  Families are Forever and I am so blessed to have you all and be part of your families.
Luminary Service at the park after the Relay for Life