Monday, May 26, 2014

Week 5

Hello Family
Well I honestly can't believe how fast this last week went by, (and that I have already been on  my mission for an entire month) I totally lost track of the days and I am so absorbed in the work I haven't had time to even begin to think about much of anything has even worked it's way in to my dreams, my companion and I were up around 1:00am on Sunday night because I was sleep talking about a little boy dressed in white trying to wake me up because he needed to be baptized...yup that is how I know I am missionary is when I am dreaming about a boy asking to be baptized! All in All the work is fantastic, I am having a blast and have never felt closer to my Heavenly father.
Now here is my assignment to each of you
1- obtain a copy of preach my gospel
2 - Read from it at least 15 minutes a day (personally or with your spouse or with your family)
3 - When you write me (or Sister Blood) share with us something you learned in Preach My Gospel and how you applied it that week in your daily life and how you feel that we could use that principle in our missionary labor. Preach my Gospel is a tool for members and missionaries alike. Good Luck

I am kind of bummed I forgot my camera cord so all the photos I took from what was a fantastic week! will have to wait till next time, but lots of fun, super busy...

10 - Other Lessons
1 - Member Present Lessons
3 - Less active lessons
38 - Invitations to learn
1 - investigator at sacrament
1 - Investigator On-date (to be baptized)
4 - actively Progressing investigators
-lumber jacking
-sword fighting
-More board games with members than I have played in my life in a single day!
-Golf in the Ohio river
-Also ZONE conference in Charleston...Not going to sugar coat it President Pitt is pretty much the greatest mission president ever! 
it was a pretty awesome week if I do say so myself!
Love you All
- Elder Wheeler

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Week 4

I wish I had more time, but my companion wants to get going, "P-day is Play day" apparently...I don't agree with this, but I must be off, there is a lot I wanted to get done today, which I fear I may not have time to with all the playing he wants to do...I have letters ready to each of you and I will eventually learn how to get through each of my emails faster and reply, plus get a group letter...I love you and I am well we are having a fairly successful time.

Thank you all for the photos and love you sent my way

congratulations to Gretchen and Allen Sebastian is super cute and brings a huge smile to my day!

Thank you mom for selling my car!

Miss you all
Off to work
 My study desk

 If you're not invited, don't come in. This is one of our referrals from Walker.

 Seriously out to meet referrals and go tracting.

We find ourselves on dirt roads a lot out the background is our 2012 Toyota Camry which we are allotted 1,050 miles each week. "I know there is an investigator out here somewhere"

Thursday, May 8, 2014

He made it!

Hello Everyone

So I made it to West Virginia, I am serving in Parkersburg, with my companion Elder McFarland. We have a "decent" apartment Which is "Stellar" according to Elder McFarland compared to some other places in the mission. (he is from St. George). Funny note Katelyn and I both have trainers with the name beginning with "Mc";)

Well not alot of time so I will simply say Love you all

my mailing address is 
Parkersburg W.V. 26101

I will email again on p-day (Mondays) at 11:00am EST (9am- UT/10am-KS)

and I will be calling probably around 2:00pm EST (12:00 MTN) we are not sure if we will be able to skype, it depends if we find a member with a web cam and Internet access willing to host us at their home. 

Talk to you all soon
Love you
Off to work!

-Elder Wheeler

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Week 2 Letter {and pictures!!}

Dear Family,

Well I can't believe it is Saturday again! After Sunday time here just flew by. The MTC started to really challenge me along with the rest of our zone last Saturday when we had one of the sister missionaries in our district go home, not to mention that we another Elder go home last night from the district that joined our zone on Wednesday (they are serving in Reno NV and Irvine CAL)...The MTC is a refiner's fire we all feel the heat, but I know I have been blessed with a strong family support and a new found focus here that has helped me strive here. The days are full and crammed with awesome spiritual expansion. I know I am on the lords time here and still have so much to learn and understand, but it's amazing about how much over just one week I have learned I can't even imagine what it will be like after two years (well 23.5 months now). I am almost a little sad it went by so quick (My last day of regular classes was yesterday). There is nothing quite like getting to spend my entire day learning and focusing on others and this work. Don't get me wrong it is tiring but so worth it! 

Now I have a challenge to each of you...

Missionary work has changed so much especially over the last 10 years, and it is now more important than ever for Members to stand-up and join the missionary work. This work does not belong to just full time missionaries it belongs to every member! I was able to be part of a new case study (of about 25 missionaries) during infield orientation that looks to seriously innovate the way missionary work is done, that puts more responsibility on the members and even more obligation to us full-time missionaries. The lord has expanded and prepared his army. I can see that growing everyday here at the MTC. 

Think of us Full-time missionaries as the militarized army, trained and given set-apart tools to take on the front... 

Think of the members throughout the world as "the resistance" seek out and find the work to prepare the way for the army to take the city! Take down the adversary! and expand the lords kingdom - which is the church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints  

I know that this church is true PERIOD! 

So I Challenge you to invite just one, but don't stop there if you feel prompted at all don't hesitate the lord is giving you a coded message to act! Provide the Army with information to proceed...You are the resistance! in the war against darkness.

I am about to head to the front with my fellow soldiers in the greatest and largest missionary force that in human history and I love you all. I miss you but my place is here and right now, I wouldn't trade it and I am going to savor it here!   


- Elder C. Arthur Wheeler

Provo Utah MTC