Monday, April 18, 2016

April 18, 2016

So this is the bonus week of my mission, Originally I was set to come home this week, but my goodness I wouldn't trade it for the world, It would be so crazy to think that originally I would have left on Thursday and Been home on Friday. There is so much to do this week and we have a busy booked week ahead with fantastic plans everyday this week. So lets do it!

​It was awesome to see the LDSSA materialize at Virginia Western and get a good welcome and reception from the school. We held our first on campus meeting this past week, the school ran an add for us across campus for us the week prior...the missionaries and students will be able to use the LDSSA to do things like share quotes, have institute classes on campus and missionary booths at campus events and host campus activities like a comedy night, etc etc.

sorry we are being called away to give a blessing to a YSA in intensive care...I may finish this email tomorrow...depends on a few things if not catch everyone on Tuesday next week (P-day will be on Tuesday) and see you all next week

Love yins
Elder Wheeler

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