Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17, 2014

What a week! 4 Investigators at church plus a Less active member...Elder Cluff and I could hardly keep up with them all! Luckily the ward really picked up and took these investigators with open arms and helped them around the church on Sunday, invited them to the upcoming ward activities (thanksgiving dinner) and answered their questions...we left church quite spent, being as spread thin as Elder Cluff and I were. Glory to God, it was an incredible week, with 7 member present lessons and now 4 progressing investigators (that is the most both Elder Cluff and I have had our entire missions) and with investigators set for baptism and conformation for the next three weeks!  Lets begin
Update on Andrew 
Andrew is Progressing strait for the great beyond in his celestial silver rocket! he is all set for Baptism this coming Sunday, his family and friends are coming in far and wide.  We taught him the last of the discussions yesterday and prepared him for his interview this coming Friday, he is going to blow our Zone Leaders away. Also his Girlfriend (member: sister S) is actually in UTAH at the moment, it was so weird to talk to her on the phone as we made arrangements for his baptism and she was in Provo 4 blocks from Heritage Halls on the BYU Campus. its a secret, but since she was in Utah (where desert book exists) she got him all set up with all the LDS Gear (scriptures case and all and a few other LDS essentials) to surprise him with, we are absolutely elated for this coming weekend. We also showed Joseph Smith Prophet of the Restoration with him and he bore a powerful new testimony and how he is so grateful for Heavenly Father putting Sister S in his life so that he could come to know the restored gospel and have his questions answered. The lord, surely has great works for this amazing man in his family and in the church...I would foresee him as a bishop or even stake president easily...but that's just me I imagine the lord knows exactly how and and where to use his incredible faith and testimony.
Update on Debra 
Debra is moving and is exercising a great faith as she is beginning to put aside her Protestant culture and is taking a leap of faith putting her trust entirely in the lords true church, which is a big deal! that means possibly losing her friends from her former church, but this in a lesson with her just yesterday, she said "I have felt a love and peace here with you all [at church] with you all that I don't feel at any other church" she is showing massive amounts of faith, but my goodness is she one tough broad she is facing a lot of resistance from her soon to be ex-husband and some members of her former church, but just as much as she puts us (elder Cluff and I) through the ringer with her questions, man she makes us work! Teaching her is spiritually and mentally exhausting at times but never faiths to be a testimony building lesson. she is still set and on course for baptism on November 30th. Not to mention that her two grandchildren who come to church with her both had parts and participated in the Primary Program which went off without a hitch.
I had a remarkable experience this week, we watched The Testaments of one Fold and One Shepherd with Debra this past week at the church and throughout the the film I felt the spirit radiating personally to me that the account of the events from the Book of Mormon portrayed in the film, especially when the savior came to the Americas in 3 Nephi Chapter 11, I was simply on cloud nine, and in the climax as we read that chapter in the book of Mormon that simply, and plain as the sun shines that the Book of Mormon is true more so than I have in my entire life, and now I can say more than ever that not only do I know that the book is true, but that for the first time I have truly fallen in love with The Book of Mormon, It's true Read it, the experience was nothing short of divine revelation, I also feel that this experience came because of bearing my testimony this week in both teaching and in response to an anti-article posted in the New York Times this week, and as we bear our testimony we strengthen in and now I can imagine going to another lesson and not reading from the Book of Mormon.
NEW - Eric and Julie...
We met them here at the library this week, they needed help jump starting their car, and they came in and asked the librarians if they had any jumper cables, because the first person's jumper cables that had offered to help them weren't working, The librarians immediately came upstairs (where we were getting ready to teach Debra) to seek us out, (librarians know us very well)  we went outside and jump-started their car with Sister Winn and we got to talking about who we were and they invited us over later that week...There we taught the restoration, and intregued they came for a church tour that night and came to church the next day! Please Keep these two in your prayers, they are elect and ready to progress, we are very excited to keep working with them.
As far as the C's go, they are still on our radar....
From the Blessed State of Kentucky...I love you all, we need your help to keep this success alive, please pray for us, these investigators and this ward. Your prayers truly are felt here.

 Lets start being in Kentucky...we decided hey wouldn't it be cool if we had KFC in Kentucky...(*cough* even though KFC actually began in Utah *cough*) so we did...I figured both Grandpa King and Symphonie might enjoy these.
 ​Why yes I do Kentucky
Barbra (member) took us out for lunch at the Lodge in Jenny Wiley...for a state park this place is really nice....they call it a resort park for a reason and it is gorgeous...when I am in the park I feel like I am back in Utah.
 ​Lunch at the Lodge
 ​One for Mamajo...Jenny Wiley Quilt hung up in the lodge:)
 Over looking the lake from the main entrance at the Lodge.

 ​Jenny Wiley south entrance just around the bend from our apartment and the diamond attraction in our area.
This is at the Top of Varia Hill in Matin (where the church is about 8 miles south of Prestonsburg) this hill was excavated and built a few years back by the city, because of chronic flooding that accures in the city below, the only two places that are above the flood area are the Martin Ward building which you can see directly across the river bottom (look for the white spire)...but right as they finished work on excavating this space up here the city lost their funding for the project so now there is just a fire station and a big flat space up here..

​ we were thinking and thought that there is a reason...that the only two places above the flood area are the ward building and Varia hill and mysteriously as soon as the city looses their funding to build anything up here so the space is preserved...for...well...we have work to do but it can can see this hill strait across from the church and the mountains in the back are is destined for a temple.

​ comment

One won't be Varia mountain...but The Mountain of the Lord

 ​Martin ward! 

Fun thing about Prestonsburg is it is a vacation city, the State park is open year round and has alot christmas visitors and lots of cabins, so it feels alot like utah, park city and out in the state park, like the cabin but more like sun-dance all very similar, and so just think that I am enjoying nature with you. athough the snow is humid and garbage in compairson to Utah snow...and dang...I have never expeirenced HUMID Cold...that Bites...but my big coat you sent keeps it off swimmingly. 

A little fire bending...

Tis the season for Egg Nog! the redneck wine glass was given to be as a gift before I left Parkersburg wv from Vicki and her sister Rita

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