Monday, August 11, 2014

July 21, 2014

Hello All!

Well what a wonderful week it has been, I have been feeling like our area was just a time bomb waiting to explode (in a good way) with so many investigators so close to progression and...this week it happened at last with a lot of diligent work and much prayer it's Happening, we have two investigators committed to baptism...and we are beginning to teach the family's  of investigators(wives and children that were previously not participating), members are joining in on Half of our lessons at this point...It has been wonderful and Exciting!

Oh also what happens's 9:00 at City Park and you see someone that the spirit says go and talk to...but need to get home for curfew...we'll send a member of course! Sister H and her Children just happened to be at the park...right before we were about to leave and her son (11) comes running up to us before we leave...I asked her if she would go and talk to this woman, and invite her to learn...long story short...this woman within 5 days...Comes to A ward Picnic, Attends all three hours of Church, Comes for a Restoration lesson in a Members home and Commits to baptism (August 2nd!)...Tender Mercy of the lord and inspired both Elder Williams and I with a new energy to keep up and work harder for our other investigators, 8 lessons later and everyone has seen progress and commitments kept! 

More to come...I have been on an Exchange with Elder Ostler the past two days and are currently in Ravenswood for a district you all!


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