Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2, 2015

Good day all...well the sun came out for a bit again which we have been soaking up every second of it...between the snowy cold days that it goes back and forth between.

​Found this at a little bakery and deli in downtown Lewisburg, I think the city is a little tired of the unexpected...haha
 Drains to right there are surprising amount of caves around here...this drain is right in downtown never realize what is underground.
 Basketball in the morning at the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine...we love all the med students. and Basket ball has become a regular part of our routine every other day at 6:00am...totally worth it...the day just goes better when I start it with a good Sweat.
Left to right...Josh (non-member), Me, Mindy (non-member), Kyle, sister S. (members), Dave(member) Ari (member), Gerald (non-member),  Elder Sawyer. 

Another Awesome Perk of Medical students is when we come over for dinner...they break out their table and adjust us...while experimenting with their technique a bit...this is at the Ford's Cabin in the country (less active family) with the M's (Active). They have quite a few tricks up their sleeve and my back has never felt better.

​ the way the first bit of tourists are showing up...says the visitors center 
We also had an amazing stake conference, this week where a seventy spoke, he was by far the most animated and exciting general authorities I have  ever heard...possibly even surpassing President monson's general conference ear wiggle. '

But Carol Came! which is saying something because Lexington is over an hour away and their was an ice storm...but she stuck too thing I have learned this week and felt the spirit as we have been unified with it is the principle that Obedience brings blessings so directly obedience is correlated with the blessings we receive and once that concept was understood it makes obedience easier, I have felt a distinct greater power as I have been more obedient and give to the direction of the spirit...I keep saying each week each lesson is the best one but it is true the progress is increasing in our investigators but especially in myself, I do things not because someone told me, but because I know that there is a promise behind it that is is easy...well not easy but worth it, and easy when we do it in seeking spirit...because it is fun! to see what is in store, behind obedience to the next principle...I love this feeling and my companion Elder Sawyer has been able to trust me more. which has helped him greatly open up and enjoy this work more.
Alan also loved the pocket sized scriptures which my parents sent to give to him. His wife Tiffany also joined us when we watched the testaments with their entire family :)
time to go
Love Yins
Elder Wheeler
Lewisburg WV

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