Monday, June 29, 2015

June 29, 2015

Saturday was by far the busiest day with the promised 10,000+ People attending...the Glk. family was nice enough to buy us dinner who doesn't love some good fair food.
​The Glk family also shared our table with us for dinner and played the game.
So one thing over the week with so many visitors from around the country for the Greenbriar Classic and around the State for the Alderson 4th of July Celebration, there was also a lot of members from other wards etc. that knew us as missionaries it was neat to be picked out and people wanting to take photos with us and just happy to see us and shows how much the church really is growing...#TheMormonsAreEverywhere
This is T. the awesome new investiagor we met at the last moment before we packed up at the Alderson 4th. 
A Ton of people...we didn't stay for the fireworks but I was told they were spectacular, the whole event is really to pay for the fireworks $35,000 worth of fireworks were used. 
​In the church Parking lot on Sunday morning we enjoyed the testimonies of many visitors from the Greenbriar Classic, it was again nice to see that Members really are everywhere. This is one of the New fords that the Greenbriar lets the professional players who come use for their stay. 
I also learned that the Land that the original Church building was built on in WSS was donated by the Greenbriar Hotel.

That's all for this week
Love yins
Elder Wheeler

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