Monday, December 28, 2015

December 28, 2015

The booth up at the Roanoke star was a grand way to spend our Christmas evening, two people accepted Book of Mormon's who I genuinely believe will read them, but the biggest impact was simply the fact that we were there for 3 evenings before Christmas...many families took time to watch the video and it was wonderful to see parents teach their children the true meaning of Christmas, because of our presence there...many softened hearts and welcome thank you's from many people for going through the effort to be there and bring the spirit of Christ.

Today we, with the new Downtown Elders also hand delivered custom thank your cards to each of the city offices that were a part of making this happen and included the Zone Leaders phone number to contact us if the city ever requires our help. We are going to go ahead and reserve the Star for a booth again next year for Christmas and for the 4th of July and place it on the ward Calendar so all the elders will have to do next year is set-up and then reserve it again the year following.

We also found another new friend this week via media referral, I am very excited about and grateful for so far just this month 3 really solid friends have come from media referrals and working around referrals.

Also I went on an exchange to Bedford Va walking in Elder Davis' footsteps
Also got to teach one of their friends who is from Huntington
star topper for our booth at the Roanoke Star
Christmas Morning at the Hodge Home
Our Flat tire last night...our less-active friend S. was happy to help
thank you cards for the city.
that's all for this week...happy new year
Elder Wheeler

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