Monday, February 29, 2016

February 29, 2016

Another week come and gone with the wind...wild, I am getting very excited for this last transfer of my mission it is going to be the Grand Finale! My heart literally gets beating faster with excitement both for the awesome stuff we have going on here in the mission and for returning home when the time comes...

So I am short on time this week because we have have had to detail clean our car because it has reached 50,000 miles and is being taken up to Charleston tomorrow, and will be replaced by a brand new car! Whoot transfer bonus, haha. (I mean all the mission vehicles are practically brand new anyhow, but this will be the newest car I have ever driven)

​First of all thank you everyone for the all the birthday cards it was awesome to get so many for a whopping grand total of 26! that is impressive...our mail man we ran into him the day after my birthday and he saw my name tag and said "happy birthday by the way" haha. They are all awesome!

​Birthday Pho "With Mom".  (We planned on eating together at noon on my birthday).

​Elder Wilkinson Approves...Note: He does not like to get his photo taken so this is a rare gem haha.

​The St. Patricks day parade float begins to take shape...I love this part of projects like this seeing it come from an idea to actually being is a lot of work but it is all coming together and the ward is getting excited about it now that the biggest hurdle of work is done.

​Working on the Float in Bishop Creamer's barn at his "resort" of a is amazing

​it is going to be Legit. Huge thank you to Bishop Creamer & Sister Creamer

​This is Sister H., she is the creative super mind of the ward...she was gathering down tree limbs for the two trees that will be on either end of the float.

Using a flower shop trick we learned from the H's we set the fallen tree limbs inside the concrete forms which will be decorated with tree bark and plastic leaves. and a nifty flag banner will hang between the trees and several other decorations will adorn the float.

​Getting mail from "The Mormon Herd"...again notice Elder Wilkinson...not a photo guy haha.

​Also received some Epic socks I got for my birthday! I was like at first, great...socks...that's cool...I guess...haha...but then I put them on and I was like "Wholly cow these are the greatest socks ever!!!!" they are super soft, warm but not to warm...not to mention they have a unicorn that is status...haha still have no clue who sent them...???

​By the way beautiful spring weather has been awesome this week!

One of our friends M.N., made us dinner very delicious and beautiful dinner I might add, before they all took off for a couple of weeks for Spring break...they are going to Disney world...Jealous.

​Some of our Roanoke College friends: Left to right Elder Wilkinson, M.N., K.T., S.M., D.P., Elder Wheeler...and I cannot forget Nanna, the dog.

In one final remark, we were invited to attend our YSA stake priesthood conference in Buena Vista VA, and after the meeting we able to speak with the stake presidency who was elated to learn of our success in meeting the school's requirements for establishing an LDSSA at Virginia Western and soon Roanoke College. He gave us the contact information of the CES (church educational system) director to proceed in establishing the LDSSA and said "I back the project 100%" President Brotherson also arranged a meeting with us in two weeks when he comes down to Roanoke to discuss more of the work going on.

​That's all for this district and I
Love yins
Elder Wheeler

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