Monday, March 28, 2016

March 28, 2016

Greetings everyone, Hope you Easter went well...we have just been having an absolute blast here in the NOKE! The photograph above I thing fairly accurately illustrates us at the end of each day, happy, tired, a little delirious, tired did I mention tired...but happy excited and loving every moment!
This was also one of the moments when I was like wait, hold that look and grabbed my camera to capture the moment

let me start this letter by sharing a few funny stories.
One night this week we got in after a busy day out and about all day, didn't come back to the apartment once...we got in, made some plans and I was laying on the floor in our living room with my feet up on the chair and was so tired it was no time at all that I was out cold...I woke up around 11:15pm and tried to make my way to the bedroom where Elder Little was already fast asleep...However upon trying to move my legs I discovered that they had completely "fallen asleep" I managed to lift my legs and lay them on the floor and get my blood running through my legs again and shortly stood up, legs were still rather asleep so I stumbled into the hall then fell flat on my face, which woke up Elder Little "what are you doing" he said...'Trying to get in bed, but my legs disagree" I said ...I got up and stumbled to my bed...plopped down..."You know you are still fully clothed, right?" Elder little said..."Don't care" I said...and I was gone again...then for some odd reason I woke up around 2:00am and I must have still been asleep because I do not remember doing this...but I woke up and took a photo of Elder Little in my sleep...I have heard of sleep talking, walking, even eating...but let's add photography to the in the Morning Elder Little asks me "Why did you take a picture of me last night" (the flash had apparently woken him up)...I was like "I did?"...confused and having no memory of doing so we looked in my camera and sure enough there it was (the photo below)...the fun times you get to have with companions on your mission...Elder Little reminds me so much of my roommate's a blast.
Now the next idea that we are putting together with the Salem Elders...try to guess from the photos below...
Getting a tour of the ballpark

​Did you guess....We are setting up Mormon Night at the Salem Ballpark! The idea originates from the LA Dodgers who host a Mormon night each year...basically it is a mutual benefit to both the ballpark and the church...The ballpark, gives the church discount tickets to distribute, gives the missionaries a space on the promenade to set up a booth, arranges for missionaries to throw the first pitch, sing the national anthem etc.   The church gets lots of people to the game to buy tickets and food etc. The mission did a similar event in Charleston WV last year that was a big success on both sides.
We went and met with City of Salem and the parks and Recreation department and then we drove past the stadium and the idea came to mind, so we walked in and met with the team office and they hopped right on board and really tried to sell the place on us...we are currently planning for May 13th (a firework night)...I am sad that I won't be here for it but it is still exciting to work together to get the idea off the ground and working. 

​Over in Roanoke we successfully received our assembly permit for our booth up at the Roanoke Star for this past Easter weekend...I am going to hold on to each of these permits for a keepsake, they are like my award or certificate for successfully working with the government, haha.

​Speaking of which the booth up at the Roanoke star was another smashing success, surpassing the Christmas booth we did up there as well. We with the ward put together a few other details to make it even better this time around.

​We created these paper lanterns with pictures and different names of Christ, special thanks to Sister H. for the helping us with the names and providing the battery candle's 

Saturday was a beautiful night...we were there all day and the star and the park were packed full of families all day.

​Showing Because of Him and Hallelujah

​ Chalk art

​lanterns glowing at was beautiful with the Star and the best part was watching children run up and parents on their tail then slowing down to notice the lanterns  and notice who was pictured and why then to watch parents teach their children about Christ and Easter...then many of them came to watch our video and talk with us...we received referrals to send to other missionaries both right here in Roanoke and as far as Washington State.

​It was a very fulfilling day to bring the spirit that felt all very magical and happy to the star again...and countless people who thanked us for doing what we do and having the courage to stand up and share the was odd though when against these countless people who loved it there was one woman who stormed up to us and asked us who have us permission to be there...I pointed to our assembly permit then kindly said "the city"...rather enraged she took a photo of us in-front of our booth with her phone and said "I am going to fight this" "This is not the place for religion"...after she left in a hurry...we rested safe in following the procedures required by the City of Roanoke and the rights guaranteed by the constitution to peaceably assemble and the free exercise of religion in the public square, it was actually rather exciting to have some opposition then take the victory per say. . Aside from this single incident, the entire weekend went smooth and was a wonderful time to talk with people both local and abroad.

Well as usual there is more to share but I am out of time.

So TTFN, love yins
Elder C. Arthur Wheeler

Remind me to include the fire alarm fiasco at Virginia Western this next week as well...oddly enough it came as a sort of sideways answer to a prayer.

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