Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15, 2014

Dearest All

What a wonderful week, this is the 4th week out of 7 weeks that Elder Myers and I have reached the standard of excellence! We have been blessed with three incredibly converted progressing investigators...I was speaking with a member of our ward (Sister H), who mentioned that, it is incredible, how many investigators where at church - 6 and two LA between the three areas that this ward reaches, 3 of which were our investigators....She mentioned that in relief society they have been tailoring their lessons to investigators more, since there have been a consistent amount of progressing investigators. 

This week as I really want to again testify that there are indeed people who "Do not know the truth, only because they know not where to find it"...I believe I briefly mentioned Cody in last week's letter, he is 21, young single adult, with his own apartment. we have met with Cody four times this week, 5 if you include church, We taught him The Restoration, the Plan of Salvation, and The Gospel of Jesus Christ...well in reality he taught himself, he has rejoiced as we taught each of these lessons not only agreeing but testifying and sharing his experiences he has been plowing right through The Book of Mormon! Plus we watched Prophet of the restoration, and he attended a baptism service...He is excited and beyond happy! At church this week he introduced himself to just about everyone! Cody is committed to be baptized on October 4th between sessions of general conference...I cannot express how prepared Cody is! After the baptism service we attend with him, we went back to his apartment, where he told us how he has been working to improve and change, overcome doubts for the last two years and find his faith, and now baptism he says is only the beginning to him, putting it in concrete with Heavenly Father. (he taught himself the meaning of baptism by the way, we didn't have to say a thing)...Both elder Myers and I have had to pick up our jaws from floor after every lesson with him! He is Awesome! Not to mention he only lives a block from our apartment. oh yea and he has been spending his spare time on Mormon channel, loading up on Mormon messages etc. 
Plus he is a super cool Avatar and Marvel fan! 

Cody - "I am so glad to have finally found two other guys who believe what I believe"
Elder Wheeler & Elder Myers - "Yes! us three and 15 million Mormons!"

Vicky, Continues to Excel in her progression this was her 7th week at Church, and is eager to send us to her friends and family, Her daughter (Page) is coming into town this week and we hope to have a positive interaction with her and her husband, who are expecting their first child in the coming months. Vicki continues to prove to be a dry Mormon, I think she has met with every member of the ward, no to mention she has two active-member families as neighbors with-in a block of her home...she has truly become a member of the ward, and her conversion and testimony are growing ever more present and predominant...I have high hopes for her to feel ready to commit to a baptism date following General Conference. 

Che, Has quit smoking and is working on coffee, she has cut in half the amount of coffee she has drank in the last week, She truly wants to be baptized and is working her tail off to be ready, this was her second week at church and has jumped right on board with ward activities and making friends in the ward.

Plus we have found 3 new investigators this week and a number of promising potentials and the turn of the weather to cooler fall temperatures has significantly improved the endurance factor of Elder Myers and I on our bikes, the leaves are turning Orange and it is harvest time in the lords vineyard of North Parkersburg.

-Elder Wheeler

 Elder Myers and me in Downtown Parkersburg on Saturday night at the Blennerhasset Hotel.
 Vicki with Elder Meyers and me after church on Sunday
Cody with Elder Myers and me after church on Sunday

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