Monday, January 5, 2015

January 6, 2015

Harmonie: Elder Wheeler didn't say a whole this week. He was actually quite sick so he was a day late emailing and mostly only sent a few responses to my email. And no pics:(
This is what he said:
Elder Wheeler: 
I am fully recovered...It was food poisoning, from a wedding reception we went to...17 other members of the ward and a number of other people from the visiting wards have the same symptoms...including the bride and fun. but after I finally vomited last night around midnight 9 times! I felt so much better...It was gnarly...and I am eating solid food again.

the ward was very good at checking in on us, both sister S and T kept us from going too stir crazy and the Winns brought us all the sick supplies we needed.

In response to my question, How is everyone after the call home on Christmas?

Elder Wheeler: 
Elder Cluff and I were a little trunked out for a few hours, nothing serious, just thinking of home, but were back on our game by bedtime on Christmas.

No pics from Arthur, but I did get some from one of his KY moms:)

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