Tuesday, February 3, 2015

February 3, 2015

So Short week to report on, after three days of working with the city and the water restored we resumed our normal schedule on Thursday.
Although it was a double whammy on Wednesday night when literally right after we finished emailing last Wednesday the Power went out city-wide...this was the first time I think I have every experienced a complete blackout in the true sense of the word, it was on top of still not having drinking water for most.   
 The city rushed to get every vehicle they had to intersections to light them with their headlights, but it was totally dark with out them. Below is a photo I took on our way home of one of the main streets that is normally bright as day with lights, but there wasn't a light on in the city...on the bright side the stars were incredible that night. Power was restored the next day.
 So the photo below, I saw this sight on the way back from interviews in Virginia and said..."hey that is where Elder Cluff took that photo" so I proceeded to take the same photo...#Lovemycluffcluff
 Allen our top investigator continues to be full of surprises he found this postcard from the 1964 worlds fair in New York in his attic...needless to say I was pretty elated.
 Overall as far as an update here goes, First that Alan continues to progress he is featured in my handwritten letter I am sending home, but I have gained a stronger testimony of Smart Goals, We set out to have a new investigator at church this week and after one investigator fell through, We walked in the sacrament meeting and a member comes up to me and says, we have a visitor today..."he really likes giving service" Brandon was his name I introduced myself..."you the sales man" he asked..."well I suppose you could look at it that way" I laughed...he stayed for all three hours of church and was thrilled by the title we gave him of "investigator" he was in no way shy, he was getting along very well with the ward members, we taught him the Plan of Salvation later today...which he was very impressed by and we will be teaching him again tomorrow here at the library. 

Funny story we were actually at a Waffle Love party at the Medical school alumni center put on by the members of the church here, before the superbowl with the ward members and one of our investigators and one members kids pulled the Fire Alarm at the school. It made for an exciting time and a quick clean-up and exit plus a great memory

 It was funny because the fireman and state trooper, we knew from distributing water early in the week. "Yep us Mormons are going to burn the whole town down" I joked.
We have also been blessed with a number of Ice storms...which make for some really pretty photos afterward.
 Not sure if I sent this photo last week but did I mention that Lewisburg is beautiful 

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