Tuesday, February 24, 2015

February 24, 2015

This week marks the beginning of my last transfer in the first year of mission...it went so fast!

I loved the 30 Birthday cards that I received thank you so much and I had a great but very busy birthday. I love you all...we spent a lot of my birthday moving the Elders From Covington VA into our apartment...so right now we have two sets of elders in our apartment Elder Sawyer and I and it has been unique to be able to teach with four elders or be able to split and cover two appointments at once. 

Meet our new roommates...long story short, they lived in a very old house that the pipes had been frozen in for days and so they temporarily came to live with us, then that temporary became slightly more permanent when we went to take them back to find their ceiling bow-ing in and a foot of water under the house, so the mission office had them move out immediately, so they live with us until further notice. (likely a two or three weeks.)
left to right, Elder Yocum, elder Sawyer, Me, Elder Johnson. 

Listening to hear the transfer doctrine (who is going where and who is coming here.) Elder Johnson (one of the elders who recently moved in with us) is being transferred to Roanoke VA as a Zone Leader, and we are kinda sorta getting a new companion because his replacement here will be living with us.

The first of many Birthday surprises from my fellow missionaries...this one is from Elder Johnson and from family and friends back home...Love you all and thank you so much for all your letters and love. I had a great birthday and am loving the new Pocket size scriptures:) 
​I did have Pho on my birthday and went and got Chinese food.

Winter also came in full force over the week we have accumulated 2.5 feet of snow.

 ​The  aftermath of snow around here really made everything a bit more beautiful.
 Deer Friends:) These three deer have been in this same spot the few times we have traveled out to Asbury Trace outside of Lewisburg.

 It was pretty extreme weather that pretty well crippled everything in the valley, we were snowed in for two days so we had some time to kill so we watched out our window and leaped into action at the first sight of someone getting stuck and kept our neighborhood shoveled, our landlord came up to us and said, well all the neighbors love you guys...you have certainly earned your keep and when it warmed up we had an epic snowball fight with our neighbors...who are all students at The Medical School.

 A ton of snow...no joke, this was us digging out our car and our neighbors cars...look it is up the driver's window....I am also thoroughly impressed with the performance of our Subaru...it hasn't been stuck once. it even made it up a dirt road in over a foot of snow.

 Elder Sawyer and I digging out the car. oh Church was cancelled again this week so and next week is stake conference so it will be a whole month since we will have met as a ward and partaken on the sacrament.
The day it stopped snowing after digging out yourself and our neighbors we dug some snow tunnels and built forts and had an epic snowball fight with our neighbors...it was Elder Johnson's first time for each as he is from California.

​walking to our dinner appointment with the linsmyer family in the woods about 14 miles outside of Lewisburg.
 ​Alan and his family continue to progress...I love teaching and just simply being around this man

 ​There is a funny story behind this photo...but that is for another day, this is brother L. we love them the are consistent in feeding us each week:)

My testimony of service has increased so much over the last few months it is such a fantastic way to earn people's trust and interest. I am almost praying for more snow so we have more opportunities to serve others and teach as go.

That's all for this week 
love ya

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