Monday, April 27, 2015

April 27, 2015

Dearest All
Good Afternoon All, it was a great week, with a few interesting miracles.
Miracles at the PUB!
So we regularly deliver posters for Carnegie Hall and one of the stops is the Irish Pub in Downtown Lewisburg, so the pub and the rest of the shops etc. in downtown Lewisburg are very familiar with us. We had previously gone to the pub to hear a potential investigator play some music, and later were walking past and the manager (who we met from the our previous visit) was outside on a street bench, and we sat down on the adjacent bench and started talking with her, she mentioned that she had seen The Book of Mormon Musical on Broadway (I love it when people say that they saw the play, because I love to laugh at myself a little, and that really helps people to feel comfortable with us, knowing we have a sense of humor) By the end of the few min conversation, she asked about The Book of Mormon and she invited us to come to the Pub in a couple days, to answer her questions and share more.
We did just that, and on evening went and she sat down and gave us her full attention, and we answered her questions through the restoration all of her next questions all pertained to the plan of salvation and we agreed to come back again and share the Plan of Salvation, to which she agreed and set out to read what we had left her...but what I didn't notice is that by the end of the discussion we had the attention of the entire bar counter...and right as we stood up to leave, another woman and came up to me and asked us to come and share what we we were talking about with her and her boyfriend. Mentioning how much they loved and voted for Mitt Romney and said "we want to know what makes him such a good man" Again we sat down with this couple and they gave us their full attention firing of great questions right and left...Just goes to show you never know where you may find people to teach...Elder sawyer and I left a bit in awe...a couple days later we ran into that same couple near their home and one of our investigators A. said that he saw us at the Pub and was touched by our willingness to go anywhere to teach and that lesson really boosted his interest level and he said he would read the Book of Mormon now. Not to mention we knew a good amount of the people in passing who were listening as well.
M.H. gave up Coffee, tea and alcohol this week (working on smoking) and came to church again with his son N., we set him up with a white shirt and tie from an eagle scout project in Lexington VA who collected white shirts and ties for missionaries to give to investigators and converts. It was great to see him at church again and excited to hear from an amazing regional conference.
At the conference Elder Katcher of the seventy spoke and Elder Anderson along with Elder Hales both of the quorum of the 12 Apostles. The Conference was from our mission to New York, Indiana and even canada in the North America North East region, At the conference Elder Katcher mentioned the Buena Vista Stake (our stake here in WSS) and the conference he spoke which we attended back in March, how wonderful it was to hear him share with the 1/4 of the country and Canada the spirit we all felt at that wonderful stake conference. which he mentioned the primary children who sang then courageously shared their powerful simple testimonies.
The G. Family...meets the L. family...there could not have been a better match up, it was an excellent lesson, with Sister L. who is a convert of 10 years from the Methodist faith (the G's former church) Sister L. answered Sister G's questions and shared her testimony...not to mention these two families had a number of things in common and got along great. Following the spirit's direction we taught about Priesthood authority and power, baptism and eternal families...a marvelous simple humble and peaceful, comforting spirit was present and we invited the G family to be baptized and are looking toward June this summer. Sister G set to read the book of Mormon through by June and the family to come to church following May 7th...I still am in awe that heavenly Father trusts and blesses me enough to teach and see the progress of this amazing wonderful family.
Preach My Gospel is the guide and provides the key to successful and joyful missionary work!
Elder Wheeler

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