Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May 26, 2015

The G's are great, H. came to church again. 
A. & T. B. are back!:)
Elder Tupou is awesome!
M.H. and Sons are also great they came to a picnic with us and the ward yesterday.
We had a great successful weekend at the dandelion festival and even got to meet the mayor of WSS...more details next week...very short on time.

My WSS District at 9:00 after a very long and crazy transfer day...
Inline image 2
Elder Tupou and I at the Dandelion Festival in WSS
Inline image 4
M. and sons at Droop Mountain State Park for Memorial day picnic
Inline image 3
WSS Mayor and his wife...wonderful people
Inline image 1
Our Booth...centered around because of him and the scriptures...the city also set us up with wifi so we could do live family search with festival goers.

love you
Elder Wheeler

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