Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4, 2015

I don't have a ton of time today, the weather here has been excellent and we are going to be enjoying one of the Greenbriar Valley's treats...spelunking with the district. Interesting to note the city of Lewisburg was actually built on top of a rather large cave system in-fact most of the city's storm water runs through should be a real treat.

I am understanding more about how heavenly father answers our prayers and Nephi means when he says "for we know it is by Grace that we are saved after all we can do." (2 Nephi 25:23) The G. Family has been wonderful, I love this family it has been an absolute privilege to teach and visit with them. H. G. (wife and mother of the family) she is super mom, It has been so admirable to see her in the way that she simply strives to do nothing but serve her family and be a good mom....speaking of which

​I love you mom:) Happy Mothers Day

H. has been reading the Book of Mormon everyday and has been reading,, ensign, family proclamation, and pretty well everything else we have left her, It brings me back to the days of Teaching Vicki in Parkersburg, along with Cody and Debra...all these people who are sincerely interested in seeking the truth...and the promise from god given throughout the scriptures that if you seek you will find.

As a missionary my role is to be the best help we can be to them through that process and...when I met this amazing family I want to be the absolute best I can be and consecrate my efforts for their gain, and you want everything to be perfect for of course we are not perfect teachers, and over the past week as I was reading the scriptures, they really spoke to me in 2 Nephi 33: 1-5 that when we speak with the Holy Ghost as our companion it makes our weak (human) teaching mighty to them and carries it to their hearts (to have the companionship of the Holy Ghost we need to be obedient and study the scriptures and what heavenly Father wants us to teach) then after all that we can do the Holy Ghost fills in the rest and that is most powerful when we really strive to do all we can do...I testify that this is true principle I have seen it and it was humbling and again as I read those verses in 2 Nephi 33: Particularly verses 3 and 4  when I felt is so clearly that Heavenly Father was speaking to me through these scriptures, I was so full of peace and joy and assurance that the lord has heard my prayers and my cries for this amazing family and will consecrate my prayers for their gain.   

I Know Heavenly Father has been mindful and watching over this wonderful family, H. along with her three youngest Children came to church this past week and again I know heavenly father is in the details, the ward was full of perfectly noisy happy children right along with H's family and the spirit was present, I even said a little prayer in my heart, hoping one of the ward members would come up to share the testimony while holding one of their children and sure enough it happen:) H's three children did very well through nursery and primary and "had fun":) The ward members were wonderful and helped her every bit of the way. The L's continue to be an excellent friend for H. and B.
H. particularly enjoyed Sunday School and again I know Heavenly Father is truly at the Helm of this ship, and when we are unified with him as his crew we can be a ship moving full steam ahead.

After church we followed up with H. and she said that she enjoyed it, and asked us to pray for her husband B. who is not as interested as H. as of yet. We are hopeful and desire for B. (who really is an equally amazing dad as H. is a mother, so is energetic and excited to see his children and volunteer time for  their extra-curricular activities) to share the same enthusiasm and effort that H. has put forth. B. is awesome too, he really has had a good history with his family in the Methodist faith growing up...I try to put myself in his shoes and see that he has found happiness in faith and remember Elder Bednar's talk "Come and See" (Oct 2014) and that the restored Gospel builds upon those wonderful positive experiences from any faith and acts of faith in following the savior and I know heavenly father is pleased with anyone doing their best with what they have and know. I trust Heavenly Father will continue to care and watch over this spectacular family.

Well short on time and just about time to leave I love you all and please send every prayer you can to the Griffith family, Heavenly Father answers prayers, I know it.

Elder Wheeler

​M. and his two sons also continues to progress and is moving right along for Baptism on June 6th.

​Hobo dinners with the F's (less-active family) out on Triple C Farm so tasty

​We also cut Grass for J. another less active member who is suffering from a liver disease that makes it very difficult for him to get out, really great guy...west Virginia grass is another story.

We have been catching B at the baseball fields where he coaches little league offering our help and supporting him and his family in the games.

​We also had an fun ward camp out in the Greenbriar state forest...more photos from this and rest of the week...will have to wait till next week. have to Jet.

Love ya
Elder Wheeler.

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