Monday, August 10, 2015

August 10. 2015

I am so happy and really feel that I finished very strong here in WSS!

H.G.  is so happy because of the miracles that have happened in her family too! Her two oldest sons are now regularly attending church with her and reading the Book of Mormon (not just reading it but enjoying it) with her which I know to be an answer to her many pleading prayers and A. (her oldest son) has gained a sincere desire to be a missionary, I hope to hear their Baptism in the next couple months and surely before the end of the year. 

Unfortunately, I don't think that A.B. will be getting baptized on August 22nd, because of the time it will take for him to really get settled into the life of a latter-day saint. But this much is the victory in the past 8 months that I have been here with him he has seen a total change in heart and has felt a true conversion and acceptance of the Book of Mormon! Which is HUGE! He has gone from being very against the Book of Mormon and the church to receiving incredible witnesses of the truth of the Restored Gospel, He wants to get to the Temple and really wants to be baptized...I know he will be one day...soon! He knows it and is obedient to God, I see him merely being patient in waiting for the time of the Lord to deliver the way and means to him. He is an incredible man. I love him so much and he will be a lifelong friend...from the beginning even though he didn't love my beliefs of my mission (which he since has come to love and live) he has loved me and there really was an instant friendship and connection we had. That connection won't end with me leaving. He is feeling and seeing true conversion and the Lord is truly preparing the way for him. He has been reading the Book of Mormon, Subscribed to the Ensign and quit smoking since I have been here 

I am truly grateful and wish to echo the words of Alma  in Alma 29: 1-3...these verses and really this entire chapter are how I truly feel about my time here in Lewisburg.

So Transfer news
President Salisbury has assigned me to serve as a Zone Leader in Huntington WV! Why am I so excited about this...Because Prestonsburg KY is in the Huntington Zone! I will Get to go on exchanges (in my old Apartment right across from the Winn's) and regularly travel back to Kentucky my former area...My area in Huntington is the second Largest City in WV and includes the Marshall University Campus...President has asked me to come serve here and apply what we have done here in Lewisburg...which by the way has spread across the mission and President Salisbury even sent and official thank you letter to B.G.  for his help in setting us up with our game.

I am also happy because I know the Lord is preparing my replacement here and has prepared our investigators for him and Elder Tupou, I really feel that I have done my absolute best here and I saw the miracles and blessings from it. Truly serving with all my heart might mind and strength and I saw the lords promises come to Lewisburg.

I seriously don't even know where to start! so I am going to let the photos tell the story, but oh my goodness Exciting stuff from being invited by President Salisbury to present our creative success, (particularly our Mormon Trivia Game and booths) at MLC (Mission Leadership Council), where President & Sister Salisbury, the Assistants, and every Sister training leader and Zone leader were present, he distributed our game to the entire mission! 
To having four wonderful friends (Investigators) at church...we are just seeing miracle after miracle here in Lewisburg.
I suppose the best report is just my own feelings, I have loved serving here in Lewisburg, I am truly joyful and just can't contain it about how much I love White Sulphur Springs...Because this area has also been the area I have felt that I have received and am receiving my greatest conversion. 

The Ward with the start of the New School Year at WVSOM (medical school) brought 14 new very active returned missionary member families, between the less-actives returning the L.'s have been working with returning to church (about 4 families) and our investigators and the 14 new member families, we have literally been running out of seating in our little chapel. 
The Medical School also invited us to be a part of their resource fair which was yesterday (thus our half p-day), and it was awesome be so included in the community...all the other community organizations and business at the resource fair recognized us and took the time to talk with us and we were able welcome the new class of 216 students to Lewisburg.

Also the Medical Students there is 20+ families now in the ward had a get together dinner at the school yesterday and we before we left took the time to share a spiritual all the Member students, sharing an insight that one of the Deans from the school administration shared with us that when they looked at the different variables of what measures Student success the largest factor was actually LDS students...I thought how magnificent is this! That even as these Students perform well in school they create a reputation of the blessings of the Gospel and invited them to remember the lords promises to those on his Errand, in D&C 136

The Glk. Family (mother, two daughters and one granddaughter) have come to church over the past couple weeks! As you also know their youngest daughter M. has just been taken under the excited wings of the Young Women and is going on her exciting Trip to Utah this week, All three of them are reading the Book of Mormon and are progressing!

Sister G. returned yesterday after a week long trip to Pennsylvania for work and to visit family, she was also very excited to learn about the new temple in Philadelphia PA and full indents on going to the Open house with as much of her family as possible next spring. Sister G. Also got her answer that the Book of Mormon is true and she wants to be Baptized when she finishes the Book of Mormon, this was a very sweet moment for me, since meeting her and her family back in March of this year she has just been a mind blowing faithful miracle the whole time, and is the perfect example of a sincere searching heart, backed with the real intent needed for a spiritual firework show to take place! And it has! Her finishing the Book of Mormon should hopefully give us the time to finish teaching her 17 year old son who has come to church twice now, and bring him up to speed with his mom and hopefully they can get baptized together.

"T." is also progressing and came to church this past week which was his 2nd time and is also reading right along

there are so many more miracles after miracles but you would be reading a novel instead of a letter so I must let it suffice at this

You know the craziest thing of all is from these blessings which I know are from our desire to be obedient and receive the Lord's blessings is that even today, we had the problem of investigators wanting us to come teach them...but not having the ability to reach them all in a day! They are truly excited to share what they are learning and show they kept their commitments. 

Elder Wheeler

I really can't contain my excitement. Lewisburg Rocks!

I am in hurry so sorry the photos are out of order.

​This is us and M. at the Pioneer day party hosted by the B.'s who really know how to throw a party, I was with Elder Johnson #2 who is the zone leader. 
Us with our Zone Leaders after our long early morning drive up to Charleston for MLC
Inline image 2
On our way back from a zone meeting in Lexington I noticed this sign a while ago and thought it would be great if Elder Myers could get a photo with that sign...
Inline image 5
Elder Tupou and I at the resource fair at WVSOM (medical school)
Inline image 4
Elder Tupou and I at the Medical Student Cafe Rio dinner (because they are all from out west too, and there is no cafe rio here in West Virginia) in one of the classrooms at the School.
Inline image 3
Us and T....we really enjoy his big blue suit...he also has a purple one. T. has been great! 
Inline image 1
So I thought this would be fun to sent since all of you have sent things to the Mission office from time to time, this is the Mission Office on the Top Floor.
not sure if I already sent this, but this is Sister G. being taught by Elder Myers and Elder Rassy at our District Meeting

Elder Tupou will be training a brand new Missionary here in WSS! 

Alright well this is just a sneak peak to my letter, we have lunch appointment we need to get to, but know that I love you so much mom and am so grateful for all that you have done for me and my mission. 

​By the way I noticed This Rock in the Green Space in downtown Lewisburg. I love our name:)

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