Monday, November 23, 2015

November 23, 2015

The week has proven to be a enduring week but a rewarding one, I am happy with the results of a lot of hard work spent in planning and cleaning, we took a couple hours out of the day to do something to bring the area up to a higher standard, from cleaning out old records, deep cleaning a room in the apartment, deep cleaning the car and organizing supplies, and the the weekend everything was tight, tidy and organized and I feel like I could take a deep breath and look back on what was accomplished.

Elder McClune said "If his former companion came back he wouldn't recognize the apartment"

With the area cleaned up and organized our days quickly got easier to plan and finding being the large emphasis, we found two promising new friends, to which I was over joyed and really raised my spirits!
This week has dawn me back to Preach My Gospel in seeking direction, and this week the spirit has really whispered to me more than ever before through PMG particularly in Chapter 9

A.H. - Mother in her 30's met her walking on the street near our apartment, (which by the way is located in an charming neighborhood, which reminds me of Lewisburg) Discovering that she works at a private school owned by members in the Salem ward, where many of her co-workers are the end of the conversation she was smiling instead of scolding. Again super hopeful about her.

M. - A single 55 year old man, again met walking on the street taught him twice so far, and asked the question, "if you knew what we have taught you today is true, would you join that church?" He said the following in reply "I am going to find out by reading this book (The Book of Mormon)"

Last I will share two ideas that have surfaced in which I hope to apply the use of "A Savior is Born", in correlation with our ward mission leader and the Parks and Recreation department we are planning to do a small booth at the Roanoke Star on several evenings in December, where we will show the Christmas video and have free hot chocolate for the visitors to the star...the star seems fitting for the occasion...the genius I hope will come of this idea is that people come up to the star to make a short visit usually with groups, couples and families to take a photograph and take in the view from the over look, in the past couple days we have made it a finding activity to go up and offer to take a photo for them with their camera, this was usually enough to ask the question, "where are you from" or say "you have a great family" which sparks up a conversion which shortly will lead to an invitation to learn more about the gospel and teach.

We also are going to meet with the Chaplin at the Carillon Hospital near our apartment to present " A savior is born" and see in what way it can bless the lives of those at this very large Hospital.

these and a few other ideas I am excited about, applying what I learned and experienced last Christmas in Prestonsburg KY, and overall am very excited about Christmas.

Elder Wheeler

bathroom before
Inline image 1
After...I think I coped with this transfer with cleaning...I overall feel so much better. 
Bathroom after...the rest of the house followed suit...lots of bleach, elbow grease, and Team work
​Carillon Tower near our apartment this is just one building on a very large medical campus, they are also about to build another 15 story tower right next to this one.

Downtown Roanoke
​The white star...the colors that you saw last week are only on holidays and memorials, last week was because of the attacks in Paris.
​Here is something fun for everyone, we will be on the star overlook talking to people again this week on Wednesday November 25th at 4:30-ish Eastern Time go the website on the sign and we will wave.
That is all for this week
Love you all
Elder Wheeler

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