Monday, November 2, 2015

November 2, 2015

Another we go. 

Elder Davis is being transferred to Marietta OH, which is just up the river from Parkersburg a beautiful little river town with a college, I have been there a few times for meetings and short exchanges while I was in Parkersburg. He is going to love it.

​First up-coming our friend P.N. is going full-throttle progress to his baptism on November 14th the brother in stripped sweater is J.K., who is a member friend P.N. has know for years who P.N. has asked to baptize him. P.N.'s progress is a missionaries dream...I truly hope he serves a mission and would not be surprised in the least if so.

​J. had to take off before the photograph was taken...but she send us a text right after she left describing how amazing it was for her to "teach what you guys have taught to me to D." 

Really busy transfer Preparation day, 

I am so grateful for my time with Elder Davis and am so happy for him in his new Area in Marietta. I have been there a few times on short exchanges and meetings it is beautiful and I think he is thoroughly "amped" about it, not to mention his own bit of family history which exists there. I will really miss him, I have learned much from him and our companionship. 

Our Zone meeting was incredible surely result of preparation and inspiration. I am very pleased with the progress of the zone and the upcoming transfer.

Our area is doing very well we spent the week blessing the lives of students and I was amazed at a lesson we held last night in the Library on campus which began with 5 people and by the end of the lesson 10 people (half of which were friends who have been learning or returning to the church were present including a new friend by name of D....who found the church via an internet member friend and came to church this past Sunday. Last night was a true testament of how this the lord organizes and arranges it all and brings us together as "His Mormon Herd" as we have nicknamed our growing group. 

This semester has been incredible so far, the best side-effect of this work...really the primary effect has been seeing the few members see this work happen and to watch their roots burrow deep into rich gospel longer to be bothered by the winds of the world. 

The cherry on top...was J. who the lesson was originally intended for, however when D. showed up the lesson took a turn his direction and J., surely guided by the spirit taught and testified to D. of what she has learned and experienced...along with P. and S. (two other friends who were present.)...every life was blessed by this lesson, the best part was that we had intended for this lesson to be 5 people originally including us...but each of these people felt the spirit and want more...and take every opportunity to be together and bring more...

And we won't stop here. We will progress, we will be obedient, we will be diligent and excited and we will see many more Marshall Miracles 

"The key to progress is to always remain unsatisfied..."
-John Taylor

Elder Wheeler

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