Monday, January 25, 2016

January 25, 2016

A little bit about my transfer...we found out on Saturday that I was getting transferred (which came as a total surprise, especially because Elder McClune is staying, considering he has already been in Roanoke 6 months.) and then on Monday President Salisbury called me and explained where and why...So I am moving just over the bridge per-say to the Roanoke YSA Ward, which President Salisbury called "a strange beast" because there isn't really a university here, but there are still YSA aged people. I am stoked to get a YSA assignment again, he explained to me he hopes I will take my expeirence in Huntington and see what we can do help this small YSA ward (about 10 people). President Salisbury said this in my emails with him:

"I think you are a terrific missionary and I have yet another assignment for you in the mission. It is unique and will require your very best to both help a young missionary discover the love of the Lord and His people and how to serve with obedience and see miracles while still being creative. I can't think of a better missionary than you to do this. It has some unusual constraints and challenges and will require your very best to avoid casualness and to do this with purpose. I have great confidence in you and look forward to talking with you more about this.

I know you will finish strong and obedient and full of faith, miracles, and creative inspiration!

Love, President Salisbury"

I am very excited to get right to work in the Roanoke YSA Ward...literally the transfer is so close, it should be the smoothest transfer of my mission. I will still have a "SW" Roanoke address even. 

I have been praying for direction and how to best accomplish what President Salisbury hopes for. I fully intend to keep sharpening my basic missionary skills, and seek inspired ideas.

To report on a few things here in Vinton 2, Prior to the snowfall we were able to attend a neighborhood meeting for "South Roanoke" (which is the location of our apartment). Elder McClune and I were happy when we ran into Brother M.P. at the meeting who is a recent convert. (Turns out he is is well known in the community and everyone spoke very highly of him and knew that he had recently joined the church.) Toward the end of the meeting the head of the organization, asked us to introduce our-selves and explain what we do (She had just recently returned from a vacation to Utah). It was spectacular, everyone in attendance was happy to have us in the neighborhood, they added our new phone number to a community contact list and we were able to get contact information of the leaders of the neighborhood organization, (which is made up of simply people who care about their neighborhood) I will include the notes from this meeting in the area book. 

This was a big resource in getting to know our neighbors, which was excellent when we were able to serve many of our neighbors during the snowfall. Spending 3 days shoveling and enjoying the snow in South Roanoke...One thing I loved about the snow is that oddly enough it brought everyone outside and walking around during the 3 days that the snow plows were no where to be seen. It felt wonderful to have the neighborhood bustling with neighbors, children sledding and parents enjoying watching their children and plenty of shoveling. It felt like the world just slowed down for those 3 days in a wonderful way, people were off their phones and out of their cars, helping each other and laughing with each other. I certainly enjoyed it and felt that we took full advantage of the opportunity to serve and invite others to learn, in part thanks the to good example of missionaries who have lived in the area before us, created the curiosity that we were able to meet several potential friends and even set one appointment. 

​Finally made it to the one and only Popeye's Chicken in the mission...Reminded me of all those times on the road with Uncle Creighton. 

​It was awesome there where people all over the neighborhood on skis, sleds and ATV's it felt like being at the cabin or up on the mountain was 3 days before everything got moving again. 
​The view from the top of 24th street which was the popular sledding hill.

​The H. family took us out to dinner at Kabuki...I will share more of the little miracles and laughs of this night next week...but we have to get going for a few more transfer things to take care of...btw I am going to miss Elder McClune I love all my companions each is unique and is irreplaceable. 

thats all for yins.
Elder Wheeler

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