Tuesday, January 19, 2016

January 18, 2016

Dearest All

Can you believe another transfer has gone by...this past one was like a flash of lightning it went so fast.  Elder McClune has been an absolute hoot to serve with, I was reminded by a former companion that this weekend will be my 2nd to last transfer call (that is so freaky but exciting all at the same time.) I would be lying if I were to say that wasn't hoping to assigned to train a new missionary my last two transfers...but we will find out soon if the Lord has it in the cards. Regardless these last two transfers are going to be awesome.

There is not a lot to report this week specifically, we have been busy with a few new friends, like D.W. and her son, who we are teaching with Sister D. and another friend by the name of W.T. who I believe I have mentioned before...he reminds me so much of A.B. from back in Lewisburg...speaking of which, I was delighted when President Salisbury had the sister missionaries currently serving there, call me and talk about the area and certain people to get in contact with for the year of upcoming events...including the West Virginia State Fair, which we got the ball rolling for this coming year when I was there.

We had interviews with President Salisbury this past week, which was the best one yet! He mentioned how much he is going to miss me as a missionary...It was a heartfelt interview...the interview was also wonderful, the spirit taught me a number of things to do in these precious final months of this full-time service and preparing to remain in the lord's service even after I will no longer have the privilege of wearing this honorable name-tag.

I will also be looking forward to participating with all my missionary friends in the first ever worldwide missionary training, which will happen tomorrow morning, Missionaries all over the world will gather in stake centers etc. to watch the broadcast which will be in Salt Lake City.

We were also invited to attend a neighborhood meeting for South Roanoke (Nicknamed SoRo...kind of reminds me of SoJo in Utah) tonight, which am particularly excited about and getting to know more of our neighbors and discover more ways to get involved. 

​My growing quote/photograph wall...

​A neat photo captured with the silhouette of Mill Mountain in the background. We were contacting some referrals and got caught in a cold rain up in garden city (a suburb of Roanoke) You can see the city lights in the foggy distance and the red lights at the top of the radio tower by the Roanoke Star at the top of the hill.

​Fellow volunteers serving dinner at the rescue mission here in Roanoke...I was shocked by how many women and children live in the shelter here...it was one of the best times I have had in my mission working to feed hundreds of Homeless...it was very fullfilling and the other volunteers had plenty of questions for us about us and the church...we will be doing this twice a month.  

​Sleepy McClune Catching a nap following an awesome lunch that Elder McClune and I were very proud of how well our cooking turned out. #EldersCanCook.

​Finding the occasional Marshall Swag around the neighborhood.

​On one final funny note...The Davis family had this gem in their bathroom...it was rather humorous...a Bathroom Guest Book.

Alrighty well I think that is about it for this week...let you all know how the transfer news goes...It is all up in the air as far as what could happen should be exciting regardless...Love you all.

Elder Wheeler

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