Monday, September 7, 2015

September 7, 2015

I just want to share 3 experiences and 3 miracles in following the spirit.

Obedience entitles us to the spirit and then be obedient to the direction from the spirit.

We were driving in-route to our apartment for an overdue lunch, when I saw, a mother and her 3 children on her porch and just as fast as I saw them we zipped right on past, but the spirit so immediately said...stop and go talk to them...Not wasting a moment I explained the prompting to Elder Davis who was driving and he parked the car and we walked find the father outside working on his weed-wacker...we simply and honestly explained who we were and that we felt prompted to come back, His simile was so large and he immediately asked..."would you like to meet my family" to which we replied "of course!" and out came three of most adorable little girls and his expectant wife. Charming family, married for 5 years, has a car and a job and recently moved into the neighborhood as  of that week! He invited us in and we taught a spirit attended restoration centered lesson..."you know I really think you were all supposed to come back to us" Bro. N. said upon the end of our first visit...we later at the next lesson we brought our soon to be member investigator Sis. L...Then guess what?  He came to church with one of his daughters and stayed the entire time! Another member invited his family over for dinner next Sunday...all in less than a week, all stemming from a prompting to stop and talk to a family on their porch.

Following this, I made a promise with Heavenly Father that if he would send me more of those promptings I would act on them in faith and follow them

Two days later, I am on an exchange with Elder Blank (new missionary in Gallipolis OH) here in Huntington, we just had two great lessons and full of faith took a walk up and down the Marshall Campus.  We prayed before to either have someone talk to us  or know who we need to talk we walked and passed the campus library and decided to talk a walk inside and up to the 4th floor...where we passed a gentleman who was just sitting on a we left the room the spirit seemed to tap on my shoulder to talk to him, so I tried to start a conversion asking what he was doing...but the conversation lasted but a few seconds and we walked on. We went down the stairs and the spirit prompted me again to go and talk to him so I paused, and thought about it then kept walking...we got outside and not 20 yards from the library, the spirit just yanked and tugged on me to go I turned to Elder Blank "I don't care how awkward it is but the spirit it prompting me to go back" I was happy to discover that Elder Blank had the same feeling and we marched right back up stairs (where Elder Blank said "I am excited to see how you contact", which I was grateful for the opportunity the spirit blessed this new missionary with) and then the same thing, simply  and honestly explained who we were and that we felt prompted to come hour later we made a great new friend, by the name of S.G., who recently moved back home because of his father and brother who were ill and have since passed. he was a Private Investigator and decided also to make a career change and took a Job at Marshall. We are teaching him again today.

Last one was yesterday, Last hour of the day, most of the plans had fallen through, but is was a relatively good day...8:00 Elder Davis says lets knock on one more door before we leave...they answered but our conversation was cut short and we left, but when we did and started to drive away from campus, the spirit again said go back, so after a little persuasion we went back and the man we talked to before wasn't home with 25 min left in our day... we both looked over at the campus and decided to walk up and down before heading in again with the prayer to meet someone. We didn't make it halfway up the campus, when a freshman said "you are dressed nice"  40 min later we are leaving with a new friend and for us a  new YSA member, who we will be meeting together with in two days.

I am very excited to continue to act on these promptings because I believe it was because of our faith to keep acting on them that we will keep receiving them both in finding and teaching.
More photos next week
​So guess what we did last P-day...I hunted down the one and only Roller Coaster in the Mission!  (there is also a kiddie coaster but that hardly counts.) The Big Dipper at Camden Park right here in Huntington WV.  Yesterday Elder Davis and I both were treated to one of our favorite Hobbies...Elder Davis got to go Golfing and I got to ride a Roller Coaster.
It was by far the most "original" roller coaster I have ever ridden 
Original = Sketchy but so much fun!

A member took us to a course called Sugarwood. Elder Davis was in his own little haven. I did enjoy the ride and we had a grand time with the M's.
​The Huntington Zone. This Photograph was taken after our Zone Meeting, where we taught nearly 40 missionaries, from the instruction given to us at MLC by president Salisbury.
​by the case anyone didn't know my mom is coolest mom in the world...I had no clue I have been out on my mission this long but well here it is 500 down 212 or so to go.
The package included 500 Marshmallows of various flavors and 500 pennies..."If I had  a penny for everyday you were gone...I would have $5.00, haha"
I love my mission and love you all, have a great week.
Elder Wheeler

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