Monday, May 26, 2014

Week 5

Hello Family
Well I honestly can't believe how fast this last week went by, (and that I have already been on  my mission for an entire month) I totally lost track of the days and I am so absorbed in the work I haven't had time to even begin to think about much of anything has even worked it's way in to my dreams, my companion and I were up around 1:00am on Sunday night because I was sleep talking about a little boy dressed in white trying to wake me up because he needed to be baptized...yup that is how I know I am missionary is when I am dreaming about a boy asking to be baptized! All in All the work is fantastic, I am having a blast and have never felt closer to my Heavenly father.
Now here is my assignment to each of you
1- obtain a copy of preach my gospel
2 - Read from it at least 15 minutes a day (personally or with your spouse or with your family)
3 - When you write me (or Sister Blood) share with us something you learned in Preach My Gospel and how you applied it that week in your daily life and how you feel that we could use that principle in our missionary labor. Preach my Gospel is a tool for members and missionaries alike. Good Luck

I am kind of bummed I forgot my camera cord so all the photos I took from what was a fantastic week! will have to wait till next time, but lots of fun, super busy...

10 - Other Lessons
1 - Member Present Lessons
3 - Less active lessons
38 - Invitations to learn
1 - investigator at sacrament
1 - Investigator On-date (to be baptized)
4 - actively Progressing investigators
-lumber jacking
-sword fighting
-More board games with members than I have played in my life in a single day!
-Golf in the Ohio river
-Also ZONE conference in Charleston...Not going to sugar coat it President Pitt is pretty much the greatest mission president ever! 
it was a pretty awesome week if I do say so myself!
Love you All
- Elder Wheeler

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