Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Week 4

I wish I had more time, but my companion wants to get going, "P-day is Play day" apparently...I don't agree with this, but I must be off, there is a lot I wanted to get done today, which I fear I may not have time to with all the playing he wants to do...I have letters ready to each of you and I will eventually learn how to get through each of my emails faster and reply, plus get a group letter...I love you and I am well we are having a fairly successful time.

Thank you all for the photos and love you sent my way

congratulations to Gretchen and Allen Sebastian is super cute and brings a huge smile to my day!

Thank you mom for selling my car!

Miss you all
Off to work
 My study desk

 If you're not invited, don't come in. This is one of our referrals from Walker.

 Seriously out to meet referrals and go tracting.

We find ourselves on dirt roads a lot out here....in the background is our 2012 Toyota Camry which we are allotted 1,050 miles each week. "I know there is an investigator out here somewhere"

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