Saturday, July 5, 2014

Week 9

The Fair is Open...and My Coaster Geek is all over it!

 After the baseball game, we talked with a girl from Florida who was worked for Vivint summer sales, (Vivint is based out of Provo UT.) 3 of her co-workers had served missions so very easy connection and introduction...meanwhile we also played a very intense game of freeze tag and and the haroldsen children put me through a very rigorus 3 phase obstacle course...they feed us and their kids keep us fit;)
 Me in the middle of the Haroldsen made obsacle course...thank you stair running and weights;)
 ​Line-up at the door...
 Epic Checkers Chip fight at the Haroldsen's...this is what we walked into...we then went to a Baseball game with them, with one of their neighbors and a very anticipated Potential investigator. 
 ​ We were having our tires rotated and oil changed for our car and the tire shop had this dog (Clyde) just walking was surely West Virginia...especially since our car was the only Non-truck automobile being serviced.
 ​ Last Monday, we met up with Adam (The guy with the bronco I told you about), who just graduated High School this was our 3rd lesson with him and He and I really connected over root beer floats at Davis Drive-in (Google Earth it Parkersburg W.V.) Elder williams was talking with his two friends he brought with him, so we were able to talk one on one for a little over an hour and shared about things we have overcome and he really feels that this (becoming mormon) is what he needs to do...and came for a church tour and is coming to church this week. This was one of the times I am so grateful for the experiences I had to overcome and gain a testimony of trust in the lord and the atonement to be able relate and connect so closely.

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