Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20, 2014

Dearest All

Well as the title says This is my last week in Parkersburg, I have been here for 6 months an entire quarter of my mission! So the big question I am sure each of you is wondering is where am I getting Transfered to...well it's NOT IN WEST VIRGINIA...or OHIO...or...VIRGINIA...Or Maryland That leaves only the Great state of KENTUCKY! 
That's right I am going to Prestonsburg Kentucky, funny thing it that it is another "P-burg"
My New companion's name is Elder Kluff and wow am I excited! I already had half of my stuff packed before I went to bed last night and could hardly sleep, Prestonsburg is much smaller than Parkersburg, but still has a ward...and a CAR! yay! I will have a car for the winter whoot whoot! Apparently we I will also live in one of the nicer newer apartments in the mission, across the street from an awesome senior missionary couple! (Elder Cheveiler who is serving in Ravenswood here in the parkersburg zone, just came from Prestonsburg and gave me the whole scoop on the area last night)

Well if you can't tell I am excited to have new adventures, but I am also sad to be leaving all of these wonderful people here in Parkersburg, first and foremost The H family who have been a home away from home and our two amazing Recent Converts Vicki and Cody...oh yea did I forget to mention that Vicki was baptized and confirmed this week and Cody was ordained to the Aaronic Priesthood...Vicki's Baptism brought a feeling of completeness of my time in parkersburg, and over the last three days we found an amazing elect new investigator; Jennifer who lives directly across the street from Vicki, I am so amazed at her street (which now has four member families which live with-in two blocks on Oak Street) we met Jennifer when we knocked on her door and she mentioned that she had seen us across the street with vicki over the past few months and her curiosity peaked and she came over and sat on Vicki's porch and listened to the entire restoration lesson and she said "I have always had a faith in God, just no where to put it" Vicki bore and amazing testimony and Jennifer really opened up bringing forth her concerns and her trials having recently had a miscarriage of her and her husband's first pregnancy...This lesson was a wonderful conclusion to teaching in Parkersburg, and it is my testimony that god prepares individuals and circumstances for us to teach and It is a truly awesome and divine experience to be the lords tool which he uses to comfort and deliverer the message of eternal families, the restored gospel an on...I know that this work is truly Heavenly Father's work, and I LOVE being a missionary in the WVCM.

Love all of you
Elder Wheeler

Look what I found on the side of the road on my way to Ravenswood for an exchange!

 Little Utah Road in Ravenswood
 Utah Lane in Ravenswood

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