Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014

Dearest Family and Friends

Tasting some of the fruit of this labor in the WVCM (the lords vineyard) have been sweet and joyous this week, with Cody's Baptism and General Conference. This was my first General Conference as a missionary in the field and it adds an insightful new perspective, as I listen to the talks listening for guidance, direction and otherwise personal revelation, but also seeking direction for our investigators and now recent convert, Conference was filled with moments of personal refection and how I can improve to be more effective, as we enjoy some of the sweet taste of Baptism (this first that the North Parkersburg Area has seen in just over a year.) 

On Friday night during the pouring rain, we left our dinner appointment (where we taught Che using the Inspired Words that president Salisbury gave us, invited her to come to conference with a question or two and began working to set goals for her progression) only to be stopped by the increasing rain making biking a bit precarious, so we conveniently were near Vicki's home, and we waited out the worst of the storm on her porch and talking with her, teaching an unexpected lesson, it was marvelous and prepared her for conference, (my words cannot describe how much I truly feel a love and dear compassion for Vicki and she is the incredible example of true sincere, diligent, conversion) late for our next appointment, we peddled through the now lighter rain as it quickly got dark. Elder Myers was riding and talking on the phone (with the member we had planned on meeting to come to Cody's with us)...when out of no where I saw that here was a section of the sidewalk missing, which had filled with water in the rain, I slowed down to stop as to not soak ourselves in the muddy water, but combined with our wet brakes, short stopping distance, and Elder Myers one handed riding, he came crashing into the back of me and a grand ruckus our bikes went out from under us, but by some miracle we both managed to land on our feet...but the best part is that with all the noise of our crash was heard by a woman by the name of Terra who came outside to investigate, began to talk to us and within 30 seconds asked the "what is a Mormon" and the rest was nothing short of divine intervention as we taught about the Restoration and she set up to attend conference and Cody's baptism...We are very excited to keep working with her and her two children (8 and 10) To finish up what was already a grand night we made it to Cody's apartment where all the "brotherly love" came out and the spirit touched us all as we talked the night before his baptism, to see his gratitude and progression, nothing short of joyful...Upon departing Cody's into the stormy night again, Elder Myers and I could do nothing but Shout at the top of our lungs for joy "whaooooo!" and we retired to our apartment eagerly awaiting all that this weekend had in store between Cody's Baptism and General Conference...Heavenly Father is so cool in how he does his work and I am so grateful to be that missionary riding in the rain and crashing to find his next elect! 

Vicki and Che attended general Conference and Cody's baptism and Che set her own date for baptism and Last night after a lesson with Brother H's, and feeling the personal touch from Elder Bednar's talk Vicki set up her baptism Interview for this Friday! we are so exited for what is next!

Church is True and I love being a missionary! 

Elder Wheeler

P.S. we are going to Charleston today for a pre-screening of Meet the Mormons!  so I will not be online after I send this email, but elder Myers and I will come back to the library after we get back from Charleston probably around 5:00 EST...hope to talk to some of you then, love ya
 Cody's Baptism, the other woman is his Grandmother, who is now Belpre's investigator.
 ​Cody and all the Missionaries serving in the Parkersburg Ward between sessions of General Conference on Saturday.
​(left to right) Elder Myers, Sister H, Vicki, and Che at the linger longer between sessions of Conference on Sunday
 Cody cleans up nice!

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