Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27, 2014

Alright, A new exciting chapter begins! I am so beyond stoked! Kentucky is Awesome, I don't know what it is about this state but it just feels like Utah, the ward is great, and everything is just more up-to-date, so let me begin with the features of my accommodations here in Prestonsburg, My new companion Elder Cluff (who is the district leader, yep I am a district leader comp for the 4th transfer in a row, which is sweet) Elder Cluff and I are probably equally sarcastic and I am elated to work with him! 

Second our apartment is sweet! it is a new construction 3 story town house with a Garage! oh yes and our awesome 2013 Toyota Corolla is nice too, sure beats a bike! and the best part is we have a delightful senior couple from Idaho lives right across the street from us. and our neighbors are very quiet, (we live next to a grave yard) 

Prestonsburg is a town of about 3,225 people, the city reminds me a lot of Park City, namely because there are actual mountains here. and the town just has that feel we are completely surrounded by mountains on all sides and Prestonsburg is set nestled perfectly in between them, there is a small college here and a beautiful state park in our area, with a gorgeous lake and resort on the lake, the town is well and alive with oil, gas and coal, we have a ward of about 80 regular people and it is in the Louisville  KY temple area.

The work here is promising, there are number of great potential investigators I have met so far, and one investigator named Debra that I hope you will get to hear more about as she progresses, we had a fantastic lesson focusing on the Great Apostasy and the Book Of Mormon, we will be watching The Testaments with her this Wednesday.

Welcome to Prestonburg
 Meet Elder Cluff. Love this man!
 Service in Elkhorn Park...the jeep is the neighboring Area's car in Martin...Elder Buttars is in Martin, I served around him in Parkersburg when he was being trained in Vienna 
 Pushing the Caretaker's Truck out of a ditch in Elkhorn Park...the man in the white sweater next to Elder Cluff in Elder Winn our neighbor across the street.
 Hey look at me I am a Wheeler-barrow...haha, the other two missionaries are Elder Buttars (the red head) and Elder Alley (they both just happen to be from washington) Elder Alley is the brand new missionary that just arrived in the WVCM...which  by the way I think we should change the name from the West Virgina Charleston the Kentucky Awesome Mission with some West Virginia...because Kentucky is just that awesome...all in favor as I!
Elder Cluff and I go to visit our potential investigators and tract...hey it looks like i am in Utah!

 Crossing over the border to Kentucky

so we were heading home through Jenny Wiley state park, and we saw lots of fog and a sign that said Haunted Pontoon Ride and we are like...okay so we have to stop and check this out! we did...and it was sweet! not to mention we were able to ITL a good number of people while we were was actually really cool, it was like a haunted Jungle Cruise at Disney Land that the state park put on except themed to zombies.  on the lake there was also haunted camping in the campground and a haunted hay ride, it was a lot of fun and actually very productive.

us on board the state park pontoon (so for all you sticklers out there, this was a "Public Boat"...not a "private Boat" so it is legal by the Missionary Handbook) about to be scared out of our minds...everyone on the boat loved was great.
 the rest of the people on board
 one of the stops...around the lake, so the story was we are with the State Park Ranger and patrol, and we are going to investigate weird stuff happening around the lake. and we run into a couple of zombies fishing for body parts, a grave yard were someone shoots us (that was actually scary), a man that was hung in a tree by a dock and then we get boarded by a chainsaw was actually really well done.

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