Monday, December 22, 2014

December 22, 2014

Dearest All
so Merry the explosion of Christmas Chaos is about to ensue so lets catch you up on the week. We had a specialized training in Huntington and afterward we went to Gabes (basically a Ross that has super cheap nice ties) look what I found while we were there...the only one I might add...not really a Utes fan but...still it was sweet to see Utah.

 we had an early Christmas with A and Sister S before they left.  They got me Frozen stuff and Elder Cluff TMNT was sweet...we got sister S two gold fish...they both died that night...I gave A my Temple recommend case with the Salt Lake City Temple on it...President and Sister Salisbury gave us new custom temple recommend cases with our mission on them. 
 ​This is our new Investigator J she is the children's librarian (the fruits of our time at the library at Game night etc.) Note the Fact of the Day...
So last year...the missionaries put on a How the Grinch Stole Christmas the ward asked us if we could do a play again for the Christmas Party...we said of course and we will top last year's we did a missionary parady of Frozen...with songs like to "Do you wanna hear the Gospel" needless to say we blew last year's show out of the water. # Comp Unity
 The Library also asked us if we would volunteer for their Polar Express event...Elder Cluff and I were Conductors...Elder cluff handed out the tickets and I punched words in them with a hole-punch just like in the movie. 
 I punched 50+ tickets
 the tickets and the bells we tied and gave out after the movie was over. We also served cookies and hot chocolate.

​This is our Polar Express crew, J was an Elf, R (another librarian who was behind organizing the whole event and asked us to volunteer and is also super into Roller Coasters like me) was the engineer...I was the conductor and by the end Elder Cluff was just there...
 Thank you everyone who has send us Christmas gifts...they fit nicely under our tree:)
 ​ light of Christmas and eating and eating....I stooped to the level of ordering a side salad at Arby's instead of Curly french fries...#Don't wanna get fat. #lost man card
 That's all for this week...Merry Christmas From Kentucky Love you all:)

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