Monday, December 29, 2014

December 29, 2014

Dearest All

Okay well the past two weeks have been slow with a lot of FINDING!!! So much finding...working our tails off, I am exhausted...It's been great, Christmas was a time that we got to come out of the shadows (per-say) it made missionary work a little easier, which we took great advantage...but it meant a lot of working and waiting...working and waiting... and again...since yes everyone was so glad to hear our message of the restoration after being introduced to He is the Gift, it opened a lot of doors and left a lot of loose ties that we are now going to have to find and tie down those loose ties turning it into progression. 

We do have three new investigators this week that we were able to follow up on and teach (it felt so good to teach again after a very dry week of finding through he is the gift, with a lot of "great, come back after the holiday") when we left the lesson and it was raining, Elder Cluff and I got in the car and started driving;

Elder Wheeler - "It has been so long since we taught the restoration"
Elder Cluff - "I know it felt so good...feeling the spirit is good"
Elder Wheeler "I know, let's do it again sometime soon. "
Elder Cluff - "how long has it been?"
Elder Wheeler - "like a week-in-a-half..."
Elder Cluff - "too long"

These three investigators came as a product of our booth at the College and from our "live Christmas card", (which we demonstrated at specialized training in Huntington) over all everyone of the 6 new investigators (along with about a dozen promising potentials) we have found this month have come from some exposure to He is the Gift, 

In highlights from this week, on Christmas Eve we were invited to a well known Protestant church that a few of our potential investigators attend, where we were allowed to share he is the Gift (watching the video) with the entire congregation (after earning the pastors trust through a few visits before) I have my hopes that we will be able to teach the pastor one on one the restoration in the coming week. 

One of the families from Game night at the library invited us to their home for dinner and to join their entire extend family for a game night, again such a great non-invasive opportunity to introduce them to the gospel, they invited us back again for next week...I am confident that before the week is out, they (entire family) will be investigators.

we were also able to Skype our families in at J's home and meet her parents and get to know them. 

We are still at it and are just as charismatic and fun as usual...but man am I tired...The new year is promising to bring progression again which I think should wake me right Prestonsburg. love Elder Cluff. all is well.

​Running into Elder Price (on of my MTC Comps) at Wal-mart
 ​The first of Many Frozen gifts that I recieved from Ward Members and family...from Barbra Lyles 
 Christmas ties...well not really...just Elder Cluff's Christmas tie, but it is still a cool photo all the Elder's in the District...I am the Purple Tie #shoutoutmom 
 ​So the weather has been really warm this past week, getting up into the 70's...sunny and clear too...but with all of the ice thawing out and breaking up cliff sides it has caused several rock slides around the this one at a gas station, luckily no one has been hurt in any as of yet
 ​Time to go but here is one more photo...D has been really sick this past week, she has been in the hospital and we have visited her daily since she has been there.  she is in a quarantine so we have had to take all the precautions...and the prayers from home I am sure have helped keep us healthy.

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