Tuesday, December 9, 2014

December 9, 2014

Okay so since we were cut short last week because of transfers, which elder Cluff and I are staying together till at least January 15th yay:) We are super excited to be together for another transfer especially over the Christmas season. so I have two weeks of photos to catch up so I am going back to thanksgiving to now.

Thanksgiving dinner 1 of 3 at the M families after the Turkey bowl (a very intense short field football game in their horse pasture, 33 years in the running of Martin ward vs. Paintsville ward.) 
 ​sharing our Thanksgiving message after dinner #1
 Dinner Number 2 at the B family's Elder Cluff got a little nauseated from eating too much after playing football, but Trish thought he was showing symptoms of a diabetic attack (Elder Cluff is not a diabetic by the way) so she stuffed frosting in his mouth with her finger...Elder Cluff was not happy but Elder Buttars and I thought it was hilarious! 
 finishing up at the B's....Elder Cluff does not feel good in this photo...we also did not notice that there is an underwear commercial on in the background...The B's is always an interesting and genuine Kentuckian experience.
I promise to finish this eventually...but we have to go back to the college, today is the last day of the semester. Here are a few photos from our He is the Gift Display on Campus, the college has been super awesome at helping us and they provided us power to run the video. thank you Gepharts for sending that awesome Christ banner.

 ​it was a smashing sucess, we shared the video with at least 70 students, we had a spot smack in the middle of the campus, and we are doing the same thing today. by the end of the day one student even said, oh I just saw this on Facebook...He is the gift is working!

this is the booth, the bishop set us up with a monitor from the church and the table is actually my study desk from our apartment and our little Christmas tree and my neighbors from back home sent us this awesome banner with all the photos of Christ from the new Bible videos etc. we had all of the Standard works out on the table as well. which students were able to read and look at...it was a smashing success and the college was super helpful in getting us all set up.

The name of the restaurant you asked about is: 

The man next to me in this photo Brian who is our investigator, over the last week we have run into him at a different place unplanned everyday, and we shared fry sauce and Wheeler Sauce with him to use in his restaurant...he is putting it on the menu to be served with fries and chicken under the name "Mormon fry sauce"  

p.s. we are online finishing up our emails this morning since we spent our entire p-day yesterday on the college campus with our "He is the Gift" Display

p.s.s.I don't think I have ever seen or held coal until I came to Kentucky, It literally just falls off the side of the mountain, in some places here.  The Coal I have is from Elk Horn park, which was land donated by Elk Horn Coal, (the big coal company in town) there are huge loads of coal trains which leave town about every two hours. Coal is still a big business and a big employer here. we do service in Elk Horn Park every now and then since the church uses the park quite a bit. so this coal came fresh off the mountain where elder Cluff and I hiked to get it:) I am going to wrap them individually and send them home in a flat rate box.

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