Monday, July 20, 2015

July 20, 2015

First of all thank you for you letters, I have really enjoyed and appreciated hearing  all the news from home. I love each of you 

First off, yay I beat the 190 mark! this down from 203ish in the past 6 weeks...loving the results...Goal is 172

Back to last week, this Caving Adventure had great results with the investigators who came, First off not only did Al. (Sister G.'s oldest son, far left) come to the Mutual activity on Wednesday, and Basketball on Saturday but he also came to church on Sunday with his mom! Sister G. explained to us how happy she was and what a big deal it was for him to come, it was the first time he had been to any church in over a year.
The Glk Girls (investigators, far right) have been more engaged in lessons and have had such great questions since, along with their parents
K.B. (member, black shirt) came to our district meeting this past week
We were also able to get several great photos in the cave, which we went to Walmart and had custom group and individual postcards made to give to the investigators who came and their parents. The parents all loved the post cards and were super happy that their kids came along and wanted to know more about the youth programs in the church, such as EFY, mutual, Duty to God etc.

I am currently teaching a two part district meeting focused on Preach My Gospel teaching Skills, the first part was held last week in Covington VA, as part of the these district meetings I asked the Elders to invite a few of their investigators to attend the district meeting and we were able to rotate investigators and practice each principle with real investigators, I thought about the idea and then was happy to later learn that is it actually one of the district meeting ideas in PMG. The first part was a good meeting and I look forward to the improvements I plan on in tomorrow's meeting here in WSS with our investigators; The G.'s, The Glk.'s and hopefully Ax. or A.B.
The meeting was beneficial to both the missionaries and Investigators.

I went on an Exchange with Elder Thompson in Clifton Forge VA, to discover a little secret of the city, it is a city on stilts built right over a river the downtown area is built right over a river, I was fascinated.

The Glk.'s invited us and their member friends, to their family reunion at Moncove Lake State Park, we had a grand time and their extended family invited us to come and visit them too. Later that night back at their home we watched Meet the Mormon's with their family. 

Well that wraps up this week's update from the WVCM, it was a great week we had 3 investigators (H.G., A. & T.) at church and August is the month looking to have several baptisms, thank you for your prayers and love.
Love Yins
Elder Wheeler

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