Monday, September 14, 2015

September 14, 2015

What as week! I am excited to say that each of the three miracle finds that I mentioned last week have continued to progress and teaching them has been just as wonderful as meeting them.

The man in the Blue is S., I am elated to report that we were able to teach him twice last week, he is super smart! and super sincere, The spirit was felt in every interaction we have had with him so far. He actually stumbled across the "Encyclopedia on Mormonism" (which is what is pictured above) at the Marshall Library...which was a trust worthy source from what we could tell, but at the heart of it all he is feeling the spirit which has kept him interested. Can't wait to teach him more. It is also bliss-full to teach on campus especially in the library, because it is an environment that is reverent, clean and the Holy Ghost is easily present, felt and heard. I really love the Holy Ghost.
​We are Marshall...Love it here
​So fun thing for you all to do, this is a memorial fountain for a plan Crash in 1970 which took the lives of nearly the entire Marshall Football team and some staff...they later made a movie about the story called "We Are Marshall" this fountain and various spots around Huntington and campus are shown in the movie...I imagine it is on Netflix or somewhere that you can get it for cheap and watch it as a family and think "that is where Arthur is" Also the Sheriff in the movie is the actual sheriff of Huntington who is our currently Ward Mission Leader.

Marshall Score board

​So I worked up my nerve and arranged to sing a solo of "The Spirit of God" accompanied by P. (music graduate student) on the violin at the baptism...I am very glad I did this it was far outside my comfort zone and felt great to do it! this was our practice session at Marshall before the baptism 
Also C.L. was Baptized this week! Part Member family now full member family
So This is Elder Williams (different elder Williams) and Elder Davis who were companions before I came here, and like Elder Myers and I have matching suits so I felt a little left out hahaha...Elder Willams and Elder Rueda (the Assistants to the President) came to the Baptism, they also came with an assignment from President Salisbury. President asked me to go with them and the Assistants for 4 days to teach a portion of specialized training to the entire mission, over the course of three different meetings, so this coming week I will be leaving with the assistants tonight and on the road with them till Thursday night. I am excited for the opportunity to see the entire mission and I hope and pray the spirit will help me fulfill president's request
This was our lunch after the Baptism at Pullman Square in downtown Huntington, we have also been enjoying working with and getting to know the YSA's here at Marshall the H.'s are the CES missionaries here...YSA's are the Best. 
A couple of the married Students, The H.'s invited us and the the YSA students for dinner yesterday...grand time M. and P. are the YSA's and have accompanied us to various teaching appointments on campus.
This was a photo of the YSA's last night at Elder Clayton's Worldwide Devotional.

J. who was one of the other new friends we met last week is just awesome, M. and her have taken to be good friends...hopefully she will be able to come to FHE tonight at the H.'s.
Love you all
Elder Wheeler

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