Monday, September 28, 2015

September 28, 2015

Here is a photo of us and H's with some of the Marshall YSA's M. and PJ (front) you know P. (investigator) Hh. (New found YSA member) at a Baptism in Gallipolis OH (about an hour north of Huntington)

​Let me first write about the Marshall Miracles, I was happy to learn that many of you watched "We are Marshall" and got a sneak peak into where I am that I am loving so much.
J.M. for a little while disappeared off the face of the earth...for over a week we couldn't get in contact with her. S.G. was super busy and we only had short interactions with him and The N's family was hit and miss...this went on for a week and this is probably the toughest thing being a missionary is "not knowing" and being worried for people, when we just loose contact...but I never stopped praying that we would be able to get in contact & teach with each of these amazing people who were found a few weeks ago under miraculous circumstances.
9:05 PM waiting outside the Marshall Library waiting for S.G. who wanted to talk with us after he got off work for a little while...I looked at Elder Davis and said 5 more minutes, and up walks J.,...out of the Dark she comes up to us and explains why she had been "missing in action" and said she really missed us and we were able to teach her two days later. S.G. came out just as J. left and we briefly went over the Plan of Salvation, and left him the pamphlet, the next day same situation he came out and said "I didn't feel like it was preaching to me, but reminding me of something I already knew"...yes the next day we taught him again with PJ amazing! 
Update on the Newfound YSA's I mentioned last week...oh and Huntington West found another new YSA member who just arrived for Pharmacy school which is off the main campus.
Hh, came to Institute, came with us and the rest of the YSA's to a baptism in Gallipolis OH (Elder Blank and Elder Maloy's area) that is an hour away and came to  Church and Sunday Dinner and to a lesson with us...she is a would never know that she hadn't been to church since she was 14!
C. is a little busier but hopefully is going to come to FHE tonight...
Speaking of which shout out to our amazing YSA's PJ, M. and HH! They have just been troupers and Incredible assets to the Lord's work here! 

P. and E. N's I am happy to report that their Preemie baby is doing splendid and C.J. this is their 4th child and 1st son, weighing just over 3 lbs under very cautious precautions (I don't think I have ever had cleaner hands before in my life) we were able to visit with them at Cabel Huntington Hospital. 
P. came to church again this week which just happened to be the primary was sweet, after sacrament P. said "it is amazing how much those kids know, that is really awesome"...I told him "that is what your girls will learn too" he smiled and we sat down in Gospel principles...the lesson was on Eternal marriage & Families...half way through the lesson P. leaned over and asked me..."but I wasn't married in the do I get married in the temple" soon the entire class was focused answering his questions...he was just beaming with hope. After church he came up to us and asked "will you come over tonight and teach E. and I about the temple" "yes of course" was our reply....later that night we are over back in their home we first were only talking with P., but then he said wait and arranged their children so he and his wife could both listen...we brought a photograph of the Bountiful temple (which Elder Davis conveniently carries with him)...after teaching about eternal marriage...and answering a few of their questions, P. said "we want to be there and we want to be baptized, we want to be closer with Jesus Christ" "I know we need to work on some things to get there because if we did them now it wouldn't have the effect it needs to" 
We invited them to be baptized the day after Christmas...he looked at E. and said "Honey will you come to church with me" she said yes and then the spirit just flooded their little home and P. just cried, joyfully...and hugged and kissed his was perhaps the sweetest moment I have ever had in my mission...He then said one of the greatest prayers to God I have ever heard...He expressed his gratitude to us for stopping and talking to us mentioning how God has been prompting him get back to church for a while now and how they were talking even before we met them that "they didn't want their marriage to be till death do you part " and how just after that we came and told him that families can be together forever...P. is just the nicest man, with pure love for his family. They have the temple in their sights together and are on their way there!

​This is S. G. on my left, is the man who was Baptized in Gallipolis OH his wife is a member, I had the privilege of interviewing this fine brother for Baptism.
​The YSA's and us at Sunday Dinner at the K's home
(left to right) Sister K., Hh, L. (Marshall friend), M., PJ, Me and Elder Davis
We love the K's!
​We all love the H's our CES missionaries (they teach and oversee the seminaries and institutes in the Stake and Host FHE) we all came to the agreement that Elder H. looks a good deal like the Terminator...Elder H.nator

​Because my mom says I never send enough photos of Elder Davis...Catching a quick nap right before a lesson at Marshall...this is how you know he is a dedicated missionary...he is a great hard working companion.
that is all for this week 
Love ya
Elder Wheeler

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