Monday, October 12, 2015

October 12, 2015

Dearest All

Struggle makes us stronger! Elder Davis and I had a hard night last night, companionship issues, it happens from time time with two imperfect people who have hopes, expectations and goals...we both had a really good heart to heart, we both almost simultaneously as we were preparing to leave this morning we both just apologized to each other in the most genuine ways and the spirit returned after a very long night without it, we set goals, made plans and recognized which of our imperfections and weaknesses were "brought to the surface [last night] and are ready to be scooped out" was the most relieving feeling, to feel forgiveness. Really I am entirely confident that we will be made a solid stronger companionship, and both better men...we really talked it out and it worked out. I really feel happy about it. It is a beautiful day, and we are going to work many more miracles together.

On top of that our marvelous YSA members sent us some very encouraging texts, I think they saw our distress and said "We are here for you as much as you are here for us"...which was an unimaginable blessing. It was so wonderful to feel their love and friendship for us and really their support of us as missionaries, recognizing we are not perfect and they in a sense sought out the opportunity to help us as we helped them in the past. It was a blessing and I felt the lords love in their encouragement and an answer to prayers.

All-in-all I feel like the frustration, hurt and disappointment is quickly fading into the night and our companionship and even the unity with our members has come out stronger, because it caused us to bring it to the lord broken and he is giving it back better.

Aside of the last hour of our week, we had a really amazing week teaching 7 member present lessons and seeing a lot of progress and commitment in our investigators.

J. said earlier this week following reading the Gospel of Jesus Christ pamphlet "I am 94% sure I want to be baptized" and set a date for November 14th then she gave up Tea and Coffee to live the word of wisdom. she was so sure she was going to come to church again then just dropped off the face of the earth for a couple days, then wanted to "take a week off from the world" confused as to why we met up with her last night...but she contacted us later to us explaining a little bit more about what was going on, which brought some clarity...but All will be well with her, she will be back on board next week she says.

S.G., wow this man is amazing, we brought him over to a members office near campus and she shared her testimony and conversion story with him and last night that same member family had him over for dinner where we taught a lesson and our newly called bishop and S.G. just got along great S.G. said "the way you explained that gave me a vision of what this really is all about" was S.G.'s comment after we followed up on the Plan of Salvation. the spirit was very strong and S.G. was very happy. S.G. is on date for December 23rd however I think his date will move up to be sooner very quickly, especially considering he as no word of wisdom issues and no law of chastity issues...I also love and am touched when with every member we introduce him to he tells the story of how we met him, to see how grateful he is and how much he treasures that experience.

The N's - are progressing right along and we are teaching them as a couple which is excellent to see a family progress together. To see their hope of the temple still firmly in their mind and helping each other as they go. They are on date for December 26th.

S. - was a member referral we have been working with the past few weeks, who is a non-member attending seminary at Huntington High School, her grandparents are members and she is progressing right along as well and to the joy of the members who referred her she has set December 5th to be Baptized.

It is going to be a white Christmas...all with very solid people with support surrounding them arranged by the Lord himself.

minnionaries were spotted around Marshall this week.
The fall colors are taking center stage this is in our front yard
It was his first exchange out of his area...he was very excited and we had a grand time here in huntington
On an exchange with Elder Jaussi...having his his first Sheetz experience...which sheetz is a gas station mecca...
Our Ward Mission Leader's Car...he really was the sheriff of Huntington Too
Love you all
Elder Wheeler

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