Monday, October 5, 2015

October 5, 2015

Greetings, what a great General Conference weekend and a busy one at that! All four our the friends I have been telling you about the past few weeks, J., S. and the N's all came and watched General Conference with us!

S.G. and I leaving Marshall to go to the Priesthood Session
The N's P. & E. following the Sunday Morning Session
Elder and Sister H. are in front of our wonderful CES missionaries...they do so much for us and the YSA's send out a prayer for them if you would.
(left to right) Hh, J., PJ, M., Elder Wheeler & Elder Davis
I am happy that the story of J., S. and The N's Family continues to be a happy one, each one of them came to General Conference and Loved it. S. accepted a baptism date following the priesthood session. The N's came to the Sunday Morning session together and wow, they looked like the world was just washed right off of them as the just beamed with excitement and hope for their family. J. came with the Other YSA students to the final session and dinner following hosted by a member family in Proctorville OH.
short on time. love you all here are a few more photos
I went on exchanges down in Paintsville KY with Elder carter (my MTC companion) and was impressed with his effective and organized ward roster and area map. 
It is also a great joy to see someone I taught nearly a year ago seeing them progressing still and listed as Active...A.G. the man!
Middle of nowhere Kentucky...the things you find.
Sister Sullivan, Elder Carter & I prepare to Elder our "legacy months" well Elder Carter and I.  Sister Sullivan goes home at the end of this transfer...Sister Sullivan gave a truly moving departing testimony in our Zone Meeting...Those testimonies have so much more power when coming from friends I know and love and seeing what the mission has brought them to become.
District Fat Patties Lunch...our YSA keep joining us they are practically full time missionairies them self.
The random things you find in closets...M. is a gifted Piano player in her own right...and PJ is graduate Violinist. 
Pillow in President W's home (councilor in the stake presidency) who hosted us and the YSA's for General Conference SaturdayMorning.
#HIS Mormon Herd
Love you 
Elder Wheeler

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