Monday, August 18, 2014

August 18, 2014

Hello Everyone Wow what a week, the summer here in W.V. finished with a bang! Homecoming is a huge deal here, parades, fireworks, and food so much food! Thank goodness for bikes, plus a Half Marathon in town too! Plus I got to go speak at a Branch off in the hollars down in Spencer about an hour and Half outside of Parkersburg, with Elder Hawes, below is a photograph of Elder Hawes and I with the two councilors in the Branch Presidency...Happy, Happy, Happy...haha. I loved it down in Spencer, I really hope for an opportunity to serve in a branch, so much faith in a congregation of only 28.

 Check it out Dad...I got to try my hand at the banjo...Probably one of the greatest member referral contact ever, we were actually buying a dryer from them (yay! I don't have to put my socks on the fan to dry them anymore) They are the Haroldsen's Friends and the Haroldsen's came with us...Great introduction to the church and missionary work, plus the told us all about their family etc. and excited to go back.
 What happen's when missionaries hit their hump day...this is Elder Chinn...on his Hump day...its a depressing day for a missionary when you realize you are "half-way dead" he put on a smile (the shirt) and boondogled like a true W.V.
 Early Morning at the start line of the Half Marathon...this race is actually huge, people came in from all over the country and the world for this race, we met people from Holland, and of course Kenya...P.S. Mom, later on, we need to come back and run this race together:) next year Parkersburg will host the National Championship race rather than just the state.  The race kicked off homecoming
 finish line...the 1st place winner ran the race in 57 min! (he was from Kenya) The first West Virginian finished in the top 20 at 1h 8min
 This one is for my little bros...I found a hidden gem in Parkersburg a huge warehouse just full of Model railroads...and all the old retired guys to accompany them, all of which used to work on real trains.
 ​Yep it was pretty awesome and I was a missionary in heaven...made for a great ITL

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