Monday, August 11, 2014

July 28, 2014

Whaooo...I am staying in Parkersburg! :)

Well what a week Everyone, It is Transfer Week and Guess what, I am getting another companion, and this one I am determined to keep at least two Transfers! At least this time my companion is and I are leaving successful and Happy...I am really going to miss Elder Williams, he has taught me so much and between Elder McFarland and Elder Williams I have not only become a better missionary, but I also feel stronger and happier in General and There are so many things that I know I have learned from both of my Trainers that I will carry through my mission and into my life afterwards too. Love you Both Elders!

   Elder Williams and I had a great final week of our companionship, as Summer here is drawing to a close, since most of the schools here resume in the coming week or two (due to all the snow-days from the harsh winter). Funny it seems like summer just started and here it is coming to a close so soon. Elder Williams and I have had incredible experiences over the last Transfer and have seen this area come alive with Member Missionary work...with 8 Member Present Lessons this week and referrals coming in so fast we are having trouble keeping track of them let alone, contacting all of them...but our members are on top of us and making sure we are contacting them! 
   We are seeing so much incredible progression and commitments from our investigators  and the coming months are looking very promising, 

Okay so there is more news that I am so excited about...

Parkersburg North as of Tomorrow will be A WALKING AREA! Why am I so excited you ask! Becasuse, when we walk we get to meet so many more people & I get to put all those years of UTA Ridership to use...on the Transit system here in Parkersburg! Plus I get to keep in shape walking and walking and walking...I am stoked!

Today the H's Treated us to a picnic of Chinese food at the Point park outside the Flood Wall on the river, I love this family so much and I am so grateful and Blessed with the opportunity to keep working with them here in Parkersburg for another Transfer with my new Companion Elder Myers.

Love you All 
Elder Wheeler

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