Monday, August 25, 2014

August 25, 2014

School is in session

Hello all
Like the title says School is in session and the miracles continue, while not as many people are out and about like they were in the summer the progress of a couple of our investigators, Namely Vicky is becoming increasingly more exciting (its great when we meet someone who wants to come to church and consistently follows through, not to mention is going a week strong in quitting smoking! Love you Vicky you are the best! ).

 I have no doubt that people in Parkersburg are being prepared to receive the gospel.

I have seen the pains of the Great Apostasy this week as, when we met the family of the investigator I mentioned to you last week (Heather), who had experienced a true change of heart, and prayed and received her answer that the church is true and wants to be baptized.
However when we met with her mother and her sisters, we were met with hard hearts and cold shoulders not to mention a stack of anti material...the thing that strengthened my testimony of the truth of the restored gospel was when this Investigator, named Heather, (who is 17) stood up, amid our attempt to share the message of the restoration. She Bore her new yet strong testimony of the power of prayer, and of the answer she received that Joseph smith was indeed a prophet and the church is true.
Never the less the painful reality of a mother fearful for her 17 year old falling victim to a cult, had unfortunately caused Heather to have to wait till she is 18 to be baptized.
She told us "I will never forget that feeling" and "I know that this church is true"...when I am 18 I will be baptized, in the mean time she continues to encourage her mother and sisters to pray (she is the only one in her family that attends church, her mother refuses to pray, because she feels bad for only calling on god when she is in need...), Frustrating and discouraging maybe, but never the less, I trust the lord and he has blessed Heather with a strong undeniable answer that I pray will carry her over the next 9 months till she turns 18 and I hope in that time that her family will be prepared to accept witness of the restoration.

Heavenly Father is also merciful, in the sight of this apparent temporary retreat in our effort for Heather, the lord lead us to a park at the top of Qunicy Hill overlooking the city here in Parkersburg...
Here we met Taylor, whom just delivered her first born a week or so ago, (brand new baby was so cute!) She was actually hoping that we would come over and talk to her, she mentioned that she was thinking of getting her baby baptized and had just moved to Parkersburg and was looking for the right church.

You can imagine our gleeful excitement when we heard this ideal situation for an invitation to learn...and we sat down with her in at a table in the park and for the next hour, had her full attention and the spirit present as she excitedly listened and smiled with joy, when we covered every point of the the end she had committed to Baptism on September 20th and began reading The Book of Mormon that night. She had just arrived in Parkersburg and is moving to Mineral wells (on the south-side of Parkersburg) and out of our area, she is excited and happy to come to church. The south-side elders (Elder Chinn and Elder Pinie) made contact with her the next day. There truly are elect and prepared people everywhere (John 10:27 "my sheep hear my voice")

Another Great Week in Zion
Love Elder Wheeler

Elder Myers and I at the Overlook at the Top of Quincy Hill

 The view from the Top of Quincy hill...Google Earth "Quincy Park"
 p.s. I am so happy elder Myers equally enjoys taking goofy photos with you mom and dad...climbing the stairs to the top of quincy hill

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